Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shop The Stash #2

Shop the Stash
I can't believe it's taken me so long to do another Shop The Stash post! My first, in October, was great for rediscovering old loves and I've pretty much made a habit of it since but not shared it with you. So with a few repeat offenders I thought it was about time we had another...

I've been opting to forgo most of my blushers recently in favour of keeping things bronzed and fresh but sometime a little bit of colour is needed - enter Benefit Rockateur, the blush I snapped up as soon as it was released for all of it's rose gold goodness. I don't use it very often because it doesn't suit me all the time but right now a light dusting on the higher point of my cheekbones sets of my bronzing and contour combo perfectly without pulling too much colour.

As I've been going for that summery look lately, I've pulled out my old faithful Clinique CC Cream. I fell head over heels for this a couple of years ago and still love it now. It gives just enough coverage and leaves my skin even and glowing - the SPF30 in it makes it a winner for me right now too - but I'm definitely running low so a repurchase needs to happen ASAP.

This next rediscovery is down to Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) - Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate. I first reviewed this in 2013 and am still using the same tub - I don't even think I'm made much of a dent! And that's not from lack of use, it just doesn't go down! However, it has sat unloved for a few months but Anna's recent post made me give it another whirl and I'm super happy I did. It's a stunning ruddy toned cream shadow that pulls a little more purple when on the lids making it really wearable. I like to layer it with MAC's Cranberry for a full on ka-pow of reddish tones.

Another eyeshadow love is NARS Earth Angel duo. This was my first dip into NARS pretty much and I adore the combination of taupe and khaki that somehow manage to compliment and clash in a perfect way. It's the taupe shade I've been drawn to recently though - it makes a perfect swipe-and-go shade for every day use to make it look like I've give more of an effort than I have... I'm thinking of giving the khaki more use to - maybe to recreate Lily Pebbles' Burberry look from the end of last year?

And finally a bit of MAC... with my every growing MAC collection, it's no surprise I forget about a few of them now and then. Nude lipstick were my first obsession within MAC - Myth was my first ever purchase - but MAC Hue came up soon after. To go with my bronzey makeup recently, Hue is the perfect lipstick shade to compliment, It's not so pale it washes the skin out, it's a glaze finish so it has a little more dimension and because it's not too pigmented, I can swipe this on whilst sitting at my desk at work without the need for a mirror. Seems ideal? Yep, this has been in my handbag permanently the past few weeks.

Have you tried any of these?


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