Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heavy Weekend Quick Fix

It's Sunday morning. You're feel less than your best and you doubt you'll be looking much better come the Monday morning commute - sound familiar? Thought so. 
Here are 3 quick tricks to get you looking a little more 'bright eyed-bushy tailed'...

1: L'Oreal Lumi Magique Illuminating Concealer (£8.49)
Not only is the rose gold packaging completely stunning, it really does the trick - and for a fraction of the price of YSL's offering. Similar in formula, Lumi Magique is a twist up pen filled with glorious brightening wonders to pop on under the eye, on top of your normal dark circles concealer, and hide the evidence of too many tequilas. You're welcome.

2: Rimmel Scandaleyes liner in Nude (£3.99)
As someone who gets up at 3.30 every morning - yeah, I know - I can guarantee this is a foolproof, tried and tested way of perking up your peepers. Simply line the lower waterline (and upper if it's an emergency) with this pencil to make them appear bigger and less like pinholes. I much prefer nude pencils for this as opposed to white because it's so much more natural.

3: Benefit Watts Up (£24.50)
As a final boost, I like to pop a little highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes to make them sparkle and further try to mask tired eyes. It's a lovely champagne colour that's not too sparkly but reflects the light and brightens up the face. I also like to swipe some under my brow bone to really perk up that area . What? Every little helps.

Layer up them lashes with coats of mascara and you're good to go. Additional Vanilla Latte (with two shots) optional... but it helps.

Do you have any saviours that make you look a little more awake?


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