Monday, April 20, 2015

Tackling a little sunburn...

And the hiatus is over! I just needed a weeks break from this little internet space to get my ideas in order, feel a little more inspired and, after spending time away from pretty much all blogs, I'm ready to go! With the recent sunny weather we've had, I picked a pretty good week to spend some time away from the laptop screen...

Speaking of that sunny weather though, it's fair to say I wasn't prepared for such high temperatures so soon in the year. Working unsociable hours has its perks at times like this - being in the garden by 1,30pm to soak up some rays? Hell yes. But I'm pretty sure my nose was left a little sensitive after a couple of days of snoozing in the sun. I'd like to point out and SPF is always my suggestion, we should use SPF every day regardless on our face but I'd washed my face and forgot... Now, I burn easily at the best of times, but this wasn't sunburn really - more like a shock to my skin's system that left my face a little tight and tender. Needless to say, it needed a little love.

First off I needed to cleanse the skin whilst soothing any heat irritation - welcome Lush Ultrabland. Yep, the creamy cleanser with a questionable scent but leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished. I still can't get to grips with the plasticy smell but the way it leaves my skin is worth it. It's an almost gel-like texture with oils to break down any makeup and put goodness back in the skin. I definite must-have for my summer skincare stash.

Then I had a root through what I could pop on overnight to help nourish my skin some more. I ended up slathering on a good helping of The Body Shop's Vitamin E Intensive Cream. You all know how much I love this line but this thicker version is ideal for times like these. I used it a little in the winter when my skin was dehydrated but it worked wonders on making my skin feel a little less tight and, despite being heavier, it was soaked up instantly.

To counteract any redness that may have cropped up the following morning, I smoothed a light layer of La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo+ over my nose and cheeks - that's where I tend to catch the sun. I love this stuff for redness and use it all year round, especially to calm down blemishes. I'm happy to say there was no redness in sight come morning - just a little sprinkle of freckles on my nose, which I'm more than ok with!

Have you got any skincare tips for the summer?


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