Friday, April 24, 2015

New In: Kelly Brook & Britney Spears Fragrances

Kelly Brook Audition Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy
I'm not usually one to review too many perfumes on here, mainly because it's hard to explain in writing what something smells like! But these two landed on my doorstep recently and, as summer's coming, I thought why not share a couple of spring scents for you! Plus, they're super affordable...

First up, my favourite of the two - Kelly Brook 'Audition'*. This Eau de Parfum, housed in an art-deco inspired bottle, is really up my street. Now, it's described as:

"It is a vibrant, floral and feminine aroma with a hint of ripe freshness that is like a a bunch of fresh flowers covered in morning dew."

However, to me it comes across a bit different! I feel it's a little sexy and musky whilst still being light enough to wear during the day. I have no clue how it's translated that differently on my skin but I guess the freshness they describe it why I feel it's light. I tend to opt for these spicy, warm scents more than others and think this will be a great day-time option to save my more expensive bottles for evenings and special occasions. It's RRP is £19.95 but that link above is a bargain at £13.95 for 100ml!

Next up, good old Britney! I have to give kudos to Brit for her range of perfumes - as far as celebrity fragrances go, hers are probably the ones I'd steer towards out of choice. I think 'Believe' is a great affordable option but today I'm talking about the latest release from her 'Fantasy' range - Britney Spears 'Rocker Femme Fantasy'*. I've always loved the bottles in this range and this one's got a nice edge to it with a black and pink bottle covered in black studs. This description sounds pretty yummy:

"The fragrance is announced as a fruity and oriental scent with opening notes of blackberry liquor and coconut cream. The heart of the perfume consists of gardenia, jasmine and flowers of violet with a lasting finish that is provided by base notes consisting of Amber, musk, cashmere and vanilla."

Now, there's a lot going on there but the notes of coconut and blackberry really sounded this something I could get on board with. Unfortunately, it's a little to fruity for me but still a nice fragrance if that's the type of scents you opt for normally! Again it's light enough for day wear and I think it'd make a perfect spring/summer scent for fruity lovers whilst the notes of vanilla give it a hint of sweetness. It's RRP is £40.00 but the link above is just £19.99 for 100ml.

Will you be taking a look at either of these? Or do you have a favourite spring/summer fragrance?


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  1. My friend always said I shouldn't buy popstar/celebrity fragrances (not sure why) but the first one I ever tried and loved was Christina Aguilera and I wasn't sorry haha! My favourite at the moment is an English Laundry one I think I sampled it in a beauty box and had to buy it.