Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Essie Status Symbol

First of all - I am THE worst blogger in the history of blogging! A massive apology for the lack of activity - it's been a hectic few weeks with work and not being very well but I'm back on it and ready for action.

Today I have the most beautiful pink polish to review - Essie's Status Symbol.

As it's sunny, I thought I'd make the most of it and snap a few pics in the sunshine! However, I've done a sun shot and a shade shot because the colour can look different.

Essie - Status Symbol

Essie - Status Symbol (Sun shot)

Essie - Status Symbol (Shade shot)
It was really hard to get the correct colour in the shots. It's a beautiful pinky shade that errs on the coral side as opposed to a blue tone. Status Symbol isn't as bold other fuchsia shades and definitely not as neon as other pink shades that are around at the moment which makes it really wearable - perfect for this weather!

I'd compare it to OPI's Strawberry Margherita - my sister had it on the other day and they really do look exactly the same (except Essie's is around £4 cheaper at £7.99).

I actually bought this during one of Boots' amazing 3 for 2 offers that ran across all makeup so I'm really pleased with the price. I'm happy to pay that for a polish anyway in all honesty, the quality is great so definitely worth it.

It's not streaky at all which is great and as you can see the finish is flawless - no streaks or uneven patches.

Overall, it really is a gorgeous polish. If you're looking for something that'll take you through till summer (when you can wear some really bright, powerful polishes) this is definitely a contender!

I'm starting to love Essie more and more - are there any shades you'd recommend?

Much love,


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