Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: 04-12-13

Bobbi Brown Twilight Palette (£59.00): I can't believe I almost missed out on this beauty! Bobbi Brown has knocked it out the park this Christmas with her releases and this just tops it off - such beautiful colours! That second from the left on the top row is just.. yes. Yes, I've already (not so) subtly told my boyfriend about this.

Glamglow Mask (£49.99): This has been floating around the blogging world for a while now, namely from the beautiful Fleur, but the price has put me off. However, my lust for this was reignited by my sister on our recent trip to London (more to come on that on Friday!) who picked it up for herself in Vegas... she's really raved about it and I think I need it. Maybe.

Lulu Guinness Envelope Wallet (£170.00): I've been desperate for a new purse for so, so long - I bought one recently but it broke within a week! So I think an investment is necessary and this one is just so classic! I love the Lulu Guinness logo clasp. Black is just a perfect colour that'll slot nicely in any of my bags. I'm usually known for lusting over Mulberry (which I still am, definitely!) but it's just so pricey!

Shu Uemura S Curler (£20.00): My normal Shu Uemura curlers and I are stuck together like glue - literally, I can't leave the house without them - but after seeing Anna mention these I think I need to give them a go. I have naturally long lashes but they just don't hold a curl well so curler are necessary - the fact these don't have restrictive side bars means you can get all those itsy bitsy lashes for a full on flutter.

River Island sequin skirt (£40.00): I'm not one for midi skirts, but I am one for glitter at Christmas! The muted pink shade of this makes it girly but not overwhelmingly so. I can see this being rocked at a Christmas party or teamed with a light black jumper tucked into it on Christmas Day! Also, a bargain.

What's on your list this week?

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