Friday, December 06, 2013

Kiehl's and Meeting ViviannaDoesMakeup & Lily Pebbles

I've had such an exciting week so far and today I'm at the Clothes Show Live which tops it off nicely. However, on Tuesday I got to meet two of my favourite bloggers - the beautiful Anna and Lily...

I was lucky enough to get my sister and I slots at their Kiehl's Meet Up which was super exciting! Most meet ups are on weekdays in London so being in the Midlands and working full time means I don't get chance to go... however, this fell perfectly with my week off - fate, right? So I jumped at the chance to take a trip down south and meet the beauties behind Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles.

We were in the 8-9pm slot at the Covent Garden Kiehl's store so we went over a little earlier to grab something to eat. We strolled past the store and saw the earlier group chatting away with the girls and it made me super excited that that would be me in less than an hour! There was only around 20-25 of us in the store and we got a chance to chat with the staff and make purchases as well as chat with Anna and Lily and get a quick snap with them. I wish we'd have had more time in all honesty cause I felt like a crazy lady blurting all this stuff out that sounded much cooler in my head. Calm and collected I think not.

The girls were seriously as lovely as you'd have expected and despite it being totally surreal seeing them outside of that little YouTube box they were really easy to chat to! They're also insanely beautiful! My sister's Kate Spade bag caught Lily's eye and we had a couple of minutes to quickly tell them how awesome they were and share my own blog with them too. I can't tell you how amazing it is to meet like minded people who, at the same age as me, are where I want to be! It's also so inspiring that Lily's blog began as a university project like this little one did too.

Aside from meeting those lovelies I picked up a couple of skincare pieces from Kiehl's - the Midnight Recovery Eye treatment and Clearly Corrective White moisturiser. I wanted something to hydrate my skin and look after my under eyes during the little sleep I get. I've only used them for a few nights but already feel a huge difference - a full review will be up once I've given them a real go!

We were kindly gifted a little goody bag afterwards which had samples of the Ultra Facial Cream and Creme de Corps. I'm particularly looking forward to trying out Creme de Corps - Anna says she uses it on her psoriasis so I'm hoping it'll be a little bit of goodness for my eczema too!

And obviously the treasured snap of us with the girls is there too - something I think is a major memory for me as I think it marks a big step in my blogging life, meeting such wonderful and successful girls. I wish I'd have taken a few pictures but it flew by! But, c'mon just look at us! New BFFs, I'd say...

I can't thank Anna and Lily - and the guys at Kiehl's - enough and really hope they do more in the future - like I said, I had so many things I wish I'd have been able to chat with them about given the time!

Did anyone else go to the #KiehlsMeetUp?
Or do you have any Kiehl's products you recommend?


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