Saturday, April 09, 2016

Why #Beauty Chat LIVE rocks...

A few weeks back now, my friend Becky and I went to our first BeautyChat Live event with Anna and Lily - Vivianna Does Makeup & Lily Pebbles - because thankfully on their second wave of visits for BeautyChat Live, they popped along to good old Brum! I like that the girls have their own connections to Birmingham, it makes it all feel a little more personal!

I've met the girls on a couple of occasions before - both at their Kiehl's meet up in London a few years back and Anna last year at an event at Selfridges in Birmingham. This time is was all about a Clarins joint venture with a super cute pod outside Bullring in the centre filled with pamper sessions and products galore!

A brief overview of what went down - we all perched round cute tables topped with stacks of adorable snacks and canapés (the cookies, though) before Lily and Anna set about answers any questions we'd all put to them. The girls are so friendly and after watching their videos for so many years, it's odd how much you feel like you know them already. I liked that the others that came were around my age too - no tweens - so it was more of an adult atmosphere, very relaxed and like meeting with friends for cocktails.

After that, the girls went about having some time to chat with everyone - we actually were last to talk as we didn't want to intrude so occupied ourselves with all the goodies on show from Clarins. Becky and I are already fans of the brand so it was nice to have another mooch about and take home a few samples! In fact - there was a whole wall of samples that were handpicked for a little sample box to bring home which was essentially a skincare addicts heaven! Angels sang! 

So why are these BeautyChat Live events so good? Well I think they're put together brilliantly. The girls know their audience, know who's watching and so it's all very catered. It genuinely feels like a bunch of mates hanging out, no pressure and being able to have a chat with them and get a quick snap is just ace to be like "ok hey, you're normal people too!" - as odd as that may sound! My only downfall - they go so quick! I think we were there for about an hour and a half - I could be wrong - but it absolutely flew! I tweeted Lily to say they need to set up something like BeautyChat Live Weekender or something for more fun times that don't disappear so quick. It obvious why they're so popular and so successful and I think taking their BeautyChat series on the road is one of their greatest ideas - I can't wait for more!

Have you every been to one of the BeautyChat Live meet ups?


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