Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trying Out... Amika

I feel like I've had a few posts like this with new brands I've been trying out but I think it's because of a back log of products I've been sent or bought and hadn't had chance to write up during my hiatus. The latest to drop through my letterbox is haircare brand Amika*.

Although the packaging is bright and fun, I do find it a tad childish - I prefer my products to look sleek and smart - there's no denying what's inside the bottles is pretty great indeed. I've not heard of the brand before and a quick search online shows it seems to be fairly popular in the US. It's designed in New York by an independent boutique. It's tough to get hold of in the UK ad I can't find a proper website - I'll update it when I do but until then, I've linked the US site & prices.

I've been starting by applying the Amika Heat Defence Serum* to the ends of my hair. Since having the ends bleached I like to try and keep them as healthy and strong as possible and this seems to be doing a decent job. I love the glass bottle it's in and the serum doesn't weigh down my fair hair which I tend to find happens with most products like that. It smells lovely and salon-like! It's hard to judge a heat defence product really but my hair isn't left frizzy and fried so I guess that's a thumbs up! It's $30.00 for 50ml. Link.

Next is the star of this duo... the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray*. I love this! Spritzed into the roots on damp hair this thickens things up amazingly well and gives a bit of texture too. If I blast my hair upside down I'm left with some great volume that feels chunky and lasts a decent amount of time. None of that slippery smooth feeling that's impossible to style - this stuff just gives a bit of extra grip. It's lightweight and aims to repair split ends, nourish and strengthen the hair. Seriously I really rate this and if you have very fine hair like me, I think you'll love it. It's $24.00 for 8oz. Link.

I'm actually very impressed by Amika and love finding a new brand to fall in love with! I've taken a peek at the website and there's a ton more that I bet would be just as amazing like a leave in cream, hair mask as well as a bunch of styling tools too!

Have you ever tried Amika?


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