Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hi, again...

Ooh here we go again, right? I've lost count of the amount of times I've churned out this same line about restarting and "really meaning it this time". But this time... I'm really going to try to mean it. It's hard though man, with a full time job that's not blogging, that's ridiculous hours and running my own home, things just get on top of you, time flies by and before you know it two months have passed, your Instagram feed is lacking in pretty pictures and tweeting is too sporadic to pull it back in.

I know I sound uber dramatic - trust me, I know there are worse things - but when it's something you've loved doing for so many years, been fully involved in for that long, it's actually kind of gutting when you struggle to get that spark back. I love blogging. I love makeup, beauty and skincare. And I love talking about it with this little pocket of the internet but the formula just hasn't been adding up of late.

I got myself a snazzy new camera thinking that'd help. It didn't. I mean, the camera is incred, obvs, but it's not the missing part of my blogging puzzle. I still don't really know what is... We bought a house which is taking up more time than expected and my job is exhausting me to the point that when I get home, the escape I used to see my blog as became more of a chore. And I don't want to be producing content in that frame of mind.

Here we are though, I'm pulling up my boots (or is it socks?) and getting back on the bandwagon. I have a whole summer ahead with no holidays - boo hoo! - so I think it's best I fill my time and holiday hole with this little baby; with Haus of Amy. I'm still yet to revamp the design, that'll come, but in the meantime I'm going to look at getting 2 posts out a week to ease myself back in. I don't want to promise anything - sometimes there'll be one a week, maybe even none - but my focus will come back! 

So tight, the beauty buying hasn't stopped so there's lots to come... let's do this!


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