Monday, June 23, 2014

The Ultimate Blusher

Strong title, no? But I think it's true! Currently in my 'most reached for' blush stash there are 12 products plus a Sleek x3 palette. FIFTEEN BLUSHERS. Nobody needs that many, Christ. However, despite having this mountain of choice, there's one that I've noticed I've been more drawn to over pretty much the past year and know that it'll give me the look I want without any worry at all. "It must be pricey" I hear you say - not the case! My ultimate blusher is... drumroll please... the Rimmel Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry. 

I really struggle to find my perfect blush shade - the majority of my stash are baby/dusky pinks but realistically I'm never 100% happy with how they look on my skin. Sure there are a few I do enjoy but this one, Rimmel's Stay Blushed, does something to my complexion that none of the others do. Firstly, the shade is way more red/coral toned than I'd ever go for. I opted for this one when I first saw it released because out of the two shades it seemed the only appealing one. Back then I kind of thought it'd end up being donated to a friend but wanted to try to cream formula. It turns out, this bleached red shade is pretty much ideal for my skin tone! When I say red, this is by no means going to give you Krusty the Klown cheeks - think of it as more of a coral red. 

A little goes a very long way. Hear me when I say - less is more, people! My first application of this left me resembling Pikachu. After a few practices though I find the best way to apply is, firstly, using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush and also using a pin sized amount. I'm not kidding, use the itsy bitsy dot for each cheek and it'll give you the perfect amount to distribute. The cream/mousse texture means it's easy to control how much you squeeze out so there won't be a risk of wasting product. Simply stipple the brush in the product on the back of your hand and stipple onto the cheeks - easy! If you want more colour go for it and similarly, if you find there's too much just take your foundation brush and blend it out a little.

I haven't heard many people talk about Rimmel's Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry but I really think it's been overlooked - blends well, perfect colour, last brilliantly and gives a super natural finish. The picture above really doesn't do it justice, it truly does give an airbrushed look to the skin. I particularly like it with a really bronzed face, it seems to completely a bronzed skintone really nicely. So if you're in the market for a new blush, do pay a visit to the Rimmel stand - you may be surprised! A little search online shows a few other shades available in the US which is a shame - I'd love to get my hands on those!

What's your ultimate blush?


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  1. This sounds great! I love any kind of liquid/cream blush over a powder. I've been using tints lately, great for the hot weather x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. I shattered my blush palette the other day - all over cream carpet... I think I need to invest in a cream blush to avoid this ever happening again. This colour does look gorgeous on you. xx

  3. Thanks for your comment! I'm really into liquids/creams right now, what tints would you recommend? x

  4. Ahh no! I've been there myself, so annoying! It's such a gorgeous colour and great for packing - tiny and non-smashable! :) x

  5. I've been using the benefit ones but have the dupe by mememe which is pretty good as well! Find they stick really well even on top of heavy suncream! x

  6. Ooh will have to take a look! :) Thanks x

  7. I went out and bought it today, it's just as lovely as you said it was xx

  8. Yay! So glad you like it :) x