Sunday, September 13, 2015

Skincare Sunday: Antipodes Lovin'

It's been a while since I did a dedicated Skincare Sunday post round these parts and what better brand to dedicate today's post to than Antipodes?

I've spoken before of my love for a couple of their serums and as I've got a couple of new additions, plus this week has been Organic Beauty Week, I thought it time to share some love once again. The Antipodes Hosanna Serum* (£27.99) and Antipodes Rejoice Moisturiser* (£26.99) have only been in my life for a week but I'm really enjoying using them.

The Hosanna Serum is supposed to really plump up the skin making it glowing and youthful. In just a week I've not seen a whole lot of difference, I mean you wouldn't in that time, but it feels lovely on the skin. I adore Antipodes serums and this is no disappointment. It smells a bit squiffy but the texture is beautiful and my skin soaks it up instantly. It's fairly watery but means it's easy to apply and doesn't take long to dry so I can follow with my moisturiser straight away before applying my makeup. As I said, I can't vouch for the plumping effects just yet but my skin's definitely feeling more hydrated.

Following that, I've been using the Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream. This is beautiful and light, something I always opt for in a day cream. I don't like anything too heavy when I'm going to be applying a face of makeup - I save that for overnight treatments - so this is ideal. It smells light and fresh, nothing too heavy and soaks into the skin with ease. My makeup applies wonderfully over the top and is left feeling really hydrated. All in all a great all rounder that I think would work on most skin types.

As I mentioned, I've already had love for the Antipodes Divine Face Oil and Antipodes Apostle so if the ones in this post don't appeal, have a read of those reviews because they might do the trick.

Do you have any Antipodes favourites?


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