Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

Here we are again... another collection from The Body Shop and yet another rave review coming your way from me. I swear, The Body Shop never lets me down but if it's good, why not share it?! I've been eagerly awaiting the release of the Fuji Green Tea range for a fair few months now and even more so since trialling some of it in store.

The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range smells incredible. I know, I tweeted the Smoky Poppy range did and have raved about the Wild Argan Oil range too - both of which are still lovely - but this is on another level. It's musky yet fresh and light and is definitely unisex which I kind of like. I kind of like a hint of masculinity in my fragrances sometimes. 

Do you remember my adoration of Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber? Well quite honestly, I'd say the Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne is a pretty good alternative if the purse strings don'e stretch that far. The tea element of it is really similar but maybe a little fresher from The Body Shop. I also got my mitts on the Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub too which I've been really enjoying. The scrubbing beads are suspended in more of a gel as opposed to the usual cream which feels super soothing on the skin, almost like aloe vera. The scent is just as strong in the scrub as it is in the cologne and definitely lingers on the skin - as well as making my bathroom smell like a spa! My other half has been away for a week and when he came back, I'd been using this duo for a couple of days, and he even commented on how nice the fragrance was which is something he's not usually known for! These are the two most expensive items, at £15 for the scrub and £19 for the cologne - I can deal with the cologne price but do find £15 a teeny bit steep for a body scrub. 

There are tons in The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range, with prices from £4 to £19, including a Bath Tea (!) and the usual body butter but it's the shower gel I'd like to pick up next so I can alternate between that and the scrub and the exfoliating soap intrigues me too! I really hope this isn't limited edition because I can see this being my favourite range ever from The Body Shop - I'm not really into the fruity ones so much - and would love to see it extended to a mini cream and the Eau de Cologne decanted into a smaller bottle to pop in my handbag.

A big thanks to the ladies at The Body Shop in Wolverhampton who pulled these out from the back before they'd even managed to put them out on display!

Have you tried The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range?

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  1. I saw these in my local store the other day, but I don't know why I didn't pick some of the range up x