Friday, July 03, 2015

Forever Living: Aloe Scrub, Aloe Moisturizing Lotion & Marine Mask

Forever Living, Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, Aloe Scrub, Marine Mask

This is a bit of an odd post to do in all honesty because I've never been a big advocate of set ups like Forever Living but when one of my best friends jumped on board I thought it only fair to give it a go, with an open mind and try a few things out.  There are still some aspects I'd never explore (Clean 9, I'm looking at you) but skincare stuff? Yeah, I can get on board.

Now I'm not going to get into the ins and outs of how Forever Living works but no doubt you have an abundance of pals on your Facebook page selling the stuff so it's fairly accessible nowadays. I think all the products contain aloe vera making them super gentle on the skin and even friends with the sensitive of skin haven't had any problems at all with the products so that's a thumbs up from me.

The Forever Aloe Scrub (£13.44) is really quite lovely. It smells fresh and the grainyness - is that a word? - is fairly fine so you can get a really good polish going on. I have used this on my face but actually prefer it as a body scrub. Sure, at 99g it's not going to last too long if used all over regularly, but it does leave my skin feeling great. I've been using it since I got a spray tan almost a week ago - more on that in another post  - and it's worked wonders at leaving things even and my skin soft. If I didn't already have an abundance of scrubs to get through, I think I'd be picking this up!

I've been following it up with a generous layer of the Aloe Moisturizing Lotion. Again, it smells really fresh - I think they all have a similar scent because of the aloe vera - and is really nourishing on the skin. I get bouts of eczema on my legs which can leave them really itchy from some lotions but I've had no problems with this at all. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who does have sensitive skin or mild skin complaints because it's very gentle but really soothing. Again, once my vast hoard of lotions is down, this is what I'll be snapping up. It's £12.83 for 118ml, not bad.

Finally a face mask. Y'all know I love a face mask. The Marine Mask is Forever Living's version of a clay mask except, again, it's much more gentle. It didn't leave my skin feeling tight like some clay masks do and doesn't dry hard making it really easy to remove. No tugging at the skin! My skin felt very cleansed afterwards and nicely smoothed over, but as someone who doesn't have many blemishes, I can't say whether it really helped in that respect. At £19.09 it's not the cheapest but than again, I find 'no-nasties' does tend to come with a bit of a higher price tag - you get what you pay for!

Have you tried anything from Forever Living? What do you make of it?


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