Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Special Mention #1: Soap & Glory Whipped Clean

So this isn't a review as such, more like a shout out to a product I have been loving recently. Soap and Glory Whipped Clean isn't new, it's not just hit the shelves, in fact it's been around a while but I've got hooked since getting my first tube for Christmas.

I've used the body butter version of this scent - Smoothie Star - before but much prefer it as a shower cream instead. It's actually described as a 'luxe cream wash shower butter' which is a right mouthful but essentially it's a creamy body wash that smells incredible. ERMAGAAD IT SMELLS SO GOOD. I could literally eat it, eat it off me, eat myself after using Whipped Clean. The blend of pistachio, sweet vanilla and almond is just the most insane combination that is super sweet but nutty - I cannot get enough of this!

The creaminess of Whipped Clean works wonders on my eczema-prone skin with no irritation at all which is a joy. My skin is left silky smooth and, when used in conjunction with one of Soap and Glory's gorgeous body scrubs (Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub is amazing) it's a real treat!

I know so many love Soap and Glory but I just had to give a mention to Whipped Clean because basically it kicks ass and I'm going to be getting a new tube today...


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