Monday, April 27, 2015

Top Three | Setting Powders

I'll tell you what, I've been really relying on my setting powders recently! I don't have particularly oily skin but my makeup just hasn't be lasting as well as it usually does with it going patchy around my cheeks and in between my hairline much earlier than it would have done in the past. To try and tackle it I've been trying to concentrate some more on how I apply my setting powders.

First off I find 'pressing' the product into my skin works much better than a light dusting as it clings to the rest of my makeup better and therefore makes things last longer. The only downside is things can look very matte when I'm more of a dewy-finish kinda girl so I concentrate that technique purely in my t-zone, under my eyes and the sides of my nose. For this pressing technique I'm always using my Elf Powder Brush - it's very dense and the flat top is perfect for stippling the powder into the skin.

Most of the time I'm using my Soap & Glory Kick Ass Powder - as you can see it's well loved! I adore the yellow tone of this to counteract redness yet it doesn't actually leave a yellow cast on the skin. This is normally the one to perform best for me and pressed powders are usually what I favour for. I find I get through it super quick though!

I've been trying out a loose setting powder to see if that works any better. I find them fairly messy normally but the Kiko Invisible Powder* is designed to eliminate that frustration. A plastic tub with a shaker to release the product and reduce the amount I get all over my desk! The lid is also pretty cool, there's a sponge attached which you can use to apply the product - however, I tend to forgo this purely because I prefer a brush and also I'd hate to see the pristine white sponge get grubby! It feels nice and light on the skin, and as it's translucent it works for all skin tones. It also didn't leave me with the dreaded cake face - winner!

In a more recent addition to my kit, and also something that incorporates both of the above, is the Ben Nye Banana Powder. Hailed as Kim K's favourite for her contour/highlight magic, I've been searching for this for a while and finally got my hands on it. I use this more for nights out and big events because it's quite intense. I press a fair bit of this yellow toned loose powder under the eyes then sweep off the excess with a standard fluffy brush. It works wonders at brightening the area and really emphasises the whole contour and highlight thing. As I said, I won't be using this all the time but it's a fab little tub for special events.

What are you favourite setting powders?


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  1. I have been after the Ben Nye powder for ages. I think I've been wanting it for a couple of years now. I am currently loving my Nars Soft Velvet Loose Powder x