Monday, March 09, 2015

Perfecting Radiance Base

Ok so this weekend has been a bundle of different weathers but on Saturday we saw a huge sign of spring being just around the corner so what better reason to get to grips on more of a radiant base to encourage those rays of sunshine?

This is actually my day to day routine recently; I've been really into a glowing, radiant base to my makeup since the new year and after re-purchasing an old favourite, I really got a "Eureka!" moment and found my ideal look. Bearing in mind these are all used on top of a number of other products but it's this selection that rally make a difference for getting that radiant look in your makeup.

I love using a shimmery primer under my foundation of choice, I definitely think it makes a difference. Right now I'm all over The Body Shop's Radiant Highlighter Skin Illuminator (link, £12.00). It can be used as a highlighter alone, mixed in with your moisturiser or foundation or, as I do, apply a pea sized amount all over the face. In the tube it has a pink undertone but on the skin it just brightens everything leaving a gorgeous glowing cast.

This next one's a favourite I've had ever since it was launched - Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream (link, £10.99), the only CC cream I've got hooked on. I've rambled about this before but it gives such the perfect amount of coverage, really zaps away redness and leaves a dewy finish to the skin. As part of the three pigments it's enriched with is one for anti-fatigue and it's this property that oomphs up the glow in a complexion. Super affordable and one I repurchase over and over again.

Talking of repurchasing... L'Oreal's Lumi Magique Concealer (link, £8.49)is one I was hooked on for months but for some reason haven't used for a couple of months. I picked it up last week and remembered why I loved it so much - this stuff really gives a glow! I get the lightest shade and apply it in a triangle under my eyes, on my chin and in the centre of my forehead and pat it in with my middle finger. It doesn't conceal dark circles but truly makes me look wide awake with a little bit of a Valencia Instagram filter... love.

Finally, an eyeshadow pick. I know, how can a certain eyeshadow help give a radiant look to your skin? I don't know either but every time I wear No 7's Stay Perfect Shade and Define in Cool Mink (link, £8.00) I fall in love with my makeup that day. It's a frosty taupe shade that doesn't look like much on the lids but just gives a little extra sommat-sommat to the finished look. I simply apply it straight from the bullet all over the lid then blend with my fingers a little into the crease. I urge you to check this out in store!

Have you been loving a radiant base recently?



  1. The Bourjois CC cream has been on my wishlist since I swatched it the other week, definitely need to try it out as the weather is getting hotter (or I pretend it is) x

  2. I'm really in to trying to achieve a nice radiant glow too but I'm really not keen on a heavy feel/look. So.. thinking I will try the body shops radiant highlighter all over my face either as you do or mixing it with my moisturiser. I've just ordered it but what Im not sure is if this replaces a primer.. ? Im actually tempted to try the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream too..

  3. It's such a nice product to use - and affordable :) x

  4. The CC Cream is great for a natural finish! As for the primer, I still use my Max Factor All Day Primer first then the Body Shop one on top as it's not for long lasting makeup like others are :) Hope that helps! x

  5. Thanks.. yes that does help. I will experiment a bit.By the sounds its quite a versatile product.

  6. Ok so I've had my first try at the BS Radiant Highlighter.I was quite
    pleased but could do better I think. I mixed it with a tinted
    moisturiser but probably used too much and didn't blend it together
    enough as I was in a bit of a rush. It gave me more of a shimmery look than a dewy glow but I expected that being a highlighter. What I did do wrong was put too much on my forehead where all my wrinkles sit... Haha,It kind of clung and highlighted them (a problem for us more mature ladies) so think that's something to be wary of if you don't have young skin. More experimenting required but overall very pleased with it. Would still like to master a dewy glow but think it would need a product from the warm tone spectrum.