Friday, March 06, 2015

Beachy Hair: KMS & Argania

I've got to be honest, I'm not really one to faff too much over my hair. It takes me more than 6 months to get a trim, even then there's not much going on, I own approximately two styling tools and can count the number of times I blow dry my hair in a month on one hand - you get the idea, not much going on. But there are two products that I've taken a particular liking to in recent months...

I probably wash my hair 3 times a week - the rest of the time, dry shampoo is my BFF - and even when I do wash it, more often than not it's left to air dry. First off, I try to limit the amount of heat I use on my lock (re: lazy) and secondly, I get up super early each morning so there's no way I'd be doing it at 4am. Having had this routine for a couple of years now, I've trialled a fair few products to get the best out of air dried hair and right now, KMS Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion and Argania Perfect Texture Salt Spray are my favourites.

Unless you're pimp enough to have silk pillows - Ikea's finest over here - sleeping on wet hair will more than likely make it an ultra frizz bomb come morning. Now I don't have particularly frizzy/curly hair by any means, but still get that poofed up look when it dries as I snooze. However, a grape sized blob of KMS Tame Frizz just through the ends of my hair has completely eliminated this! This smoothing lotion really does what it says on the tube, things aren't weighed down but my hair feels softer and is easier to manage. Plus, getting a brush through it the next day is a much more pleasant experience since using this. I only have a trial size and use it every time I wash my hair and I'm only just over half way through and have had it since October.

To really try and cut down on how much styling I need to do in the morning, Argania Perfect Texture Salt Spray* has become a firm favourite. I've never had great experiences with salt sprays in the past - they tend to leave my hair crunchy and sticky - but this is a definite winner. It smells very much like holiday, a little like vanilla too, and half a dozen spritzes in the mid lengths and ends of my hair leaves it with a slight wave once it's dry. The fact it has argan oil in it just makes it even better because it nourishes the hair. My hair is naturally poker straight so to get some texture in it is a victory in itself! I think this would work even better if my hair had longer to dry and could be braided with this sprayed in as well. However, even using it the way I do, I can either ruffle my fingers through it in the morning and be done or add a few extra waves with my straighteners to give it some extra body.

Do you have any current haircare favourites?


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