Monday, March 17, 2014

Blemish Busting Badboys

I'm not one for overly blemish prone skin but when they do come, they come with a vengeance. So at those times these two bad boys have been what I reach for.

Earlier this week, a wonderful under-the-skin goblin appeared. You know the ones. They creep up on you when you least expect it and cause more pain than any other blemish would. Oh, and they stick around. Straight away, I introduced a light layer of La Roche Posay's Effaclar Duo (now +) with a dab of Odylique's Spot-On-Serum* each night. I only use Effaclar Duo when I have a blemish that needs vanquishing, otherwise it's quite drying on my skin - but it's perfect for this purpose. I've never heard of Odylique's before so when it landed on my door step I was a little skeptical - oh how wrong I was. It's a super light cream that smells pretty antiseptic (which I don't mind because I feel like it's doing some good) and you can feel it working its magic right away, a tingly feeling that's super satisfying. There's good things like enchinacea, lavender and tea tree for anti-bacterial purposes as well as aloe vera to repair the skin and calendula to soothe. All of this and it's 100% natural - score. 

A few days later another blemish appeared and this one was out in full force for all the world to see. Again, this duo hit it hard to erase it as quickly as possible. Within a day or so, the two serums had got rid of it completely with zero scarring left over at all. I was super impressed! I think the Odylique serum tackled the nastiness of the spot whilst Effaclar Duo ensured no red scarring was left over. I seriously cannot explain just how impressed I was!

That first intruder however is still hanging round. Although it's noticeably less prominent and definitely isn't sore anymore. I'm pretty sure it's on its way out as I'm finding it easy to hide with a dab of concealer. I'll tag team that one for a couple more days and use Effaclar Duo on the other to ensure there really is no scarring.

If you struggle with the occasional blemish, like I do, these are definitely worth a look. I think I'm going to get the Effaclar Duo+ when I run out of this.

What products would you recommend for blemish fighting?



  1. Zara Pervaiz-DarMarch 21, 2014 10:54 am

    Hi Amy such a lovely review, my only concern is does Effaclar works on its own ?
    but all in all I'm really impressed with La Roche-Posay it's a great range.

  2. Hi Zara! I'd say yes it would work alone but for the tougher blemishes I'd use some sort of spot-cream to directly tackle it :) x

  3. After your advice on the UK Bloggers Facebook Page and this great review, I'm definitely going to give this a try :)

    Gems x

  4. Ahh thanks lovely! I hope it works for you :) x