Monday, December 22, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess

This post has been a long time coming - I actually got the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess palette for my birthday in September - but I was hoping to work up some beautiful eye look with it which just hasn't happened. However, I thought I'm going to share its beauty with you all anyway because well, it's Christmas and Christmas calls for some CT.

The Golden Goddess palette is utterly beautiful. Just putting out there before we go any further because I was so excited when I ripped open the paper to reveal this on my birthday. My boyfriend however was in utter shock at the size - it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand - but as he's not a seasoned beauty buyer, I'll let him off. House in a stunning burgundy case with rose gold details inside are four shades that all compliment each other. Charlotte has made things super easy for us and each one is labelled as either Prime, Enhance, Pop or Smoke with the idea that you can create multitude of looks within each palette. Golden Goddess is right up my street and is something I've used on a regular basis because it's just so wearable.

The Prime shade is a stunning champagne. It's not too shimmery and has a yellow undertone to it making it great completely alone for a winged liner look or to kick start something more creative with the rest of the palette. I like to put this on my brow bone too and also, for some serious highlight, dab a little on top of a cream highlighter on my cheekbones - hello, glow! The Enhance shade is a muted grey that really packs a punch pigment-wise. Blended into the socket this is killer and oomphs up a look with such ease. The Smoke shade is equally as stunning and something I don't have anywhere else in my collection. It's a rusty brown but not too red. It's not like the burgundy in the Dolce Vita palette, it's much more toned down that that, but just looks incredible on! Layered over the Enhance shade, pulled further out towards the outer corner and taken underneath the lower lashes, this easily turns a look from day to night. Finally we have the Pop shade, a gorgeously sparkly gold that I will be pulling out for Christmas Day no doubt about it! There's no wishy washy overlay with this one, the glitter runs all the way through. I prefer using my finger to pat this on and a fid a brush sweeps it a way. Once on, you get a gorgeous sparkly when the light hits it but we're not talking 90s body glitter, it's sophisticated and understated whilst still making an impact. I simply pat this on top of the entire eye look.

I can't explain how gorgeous this palette is in many other words I just think every woman should have some CT in her life and most definitely at least one of these palettes. I know most people rave about the Dolce Vita - and don't get me wrong, I have my eye on it - but the Golden Goddess is something I think everyone can wear any day of the week no matter what the occasion. If you want to treat someone this Christmas, the Charlotte Tilbury counter is where you need to be.

Merry Christmas beauties!


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  1. I love this palette. Well, to be honest I love anything Charlotte Tilbury, but her eyeshadows are especially beautiful.