Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Little Lush Haul...

Ok when I say haul it's more like a few things but there's no better term to use really. I mean 'A few things I got from Lush that one time' isn't quite as catchy, is it? 

I'm not one who goes to Lush that often so when I do I'm a little thrown as to where to start! Luckily this time I had seasoned Lush-goer, Becky, with me to reign things in a little. I already knew I wanted a lip scrub as I'd ran out of my Mint Julips and ended up coming back with the Santa Lip Scrub. This one is super yummy - it smells like cola with a hint of cherry and, as with the other scrubs from Lush, really does leave my lips super smooth and soft. Simply buff int the sugar and essential oil concoction into your lips then either wipe away or, as it includes all edible ingredients, lick it off! Mhmm! At £5.50 it may seem pricey but these last a full year so well worth the money.

I've always been drawn in by the shower gels Lush offer. I'm not a huge bath person but love all the scents so shower gels are the way forward for me. I do have to be careful with which ones though as I get concerned my eczema will have a hissy fit but luckily that's not been the case with Rose Jam. Rose isn't normally a scent I'm drawn to but I think the vanilla in Rose Jam helps to balance out the floral notes quite nicely. I adore the name and the colour and consistency is very much like jam - seedless may I add. The scent is quite musky in my opinion, a little sexy, and it lingers on my skin for a little while after showering - something I find doesn't happen with many others. I'm super impressed with this though and have been using it at the weekend because at £4.75 for a tincy 100ml I'm not gonna be washing it down the plughole in a hurry!

I finally got my hands on the Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask! I'd wanted this on my last trip but they'd ran out so snapped this up quickly this time round. Brazened Honey aims to soothe redness in the skin and hydrate - pretty much sums up the problems I have with my skin. The honey scent really comes through but it has an edge because of the number of herbs like sage, parsley and rosemary. My other half is not a fan but I love it. It's actually a little exfoliating too so you get the best of both worlds. I wouldn't say my skin was instantly lifted but it felt really fresh, not tight yet super clean, and really soft. All in all I really like it, but I still hesitate with Fresh Face Masks because I just don't get to use it before it's best before date.

All of this came to £16.75 and I think grabbing a few bits like these and wrapping them up nicely would make such a lovely last minute Christmas present that won't break the bank. You can tailor it to the recipient easily because there's so much to choose from and I think it's a really thoughtful option.

Have you been enjoying anything from Lush recently?


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