Monday, November 10, 2014

The Beautyblender... Believe The Hype

The bright pink egg shaped sponge that's taken the beauty world by storm has wormed its way into my own stash of recent weeks and I don't think I'm ever letting it go. I fought the hype for months and months and still, even when it was in my grasp, it took me a while to take it out the packaging and actually use it. 

To me, makeup sponges took me back to when I was just starting to play around with makeup in secondary school and using those terrible wedge sponges you get in multipacks of 50 that leave your base patchy and just disintegrate between your fingers after every use. Sound familiar? Well that's what put me off jumping on the Beautyblender bandwagon too early. I'd seen all my favourite Youtubers use this in tutorials, they all raved about how airbrushed their foundation looked after, but it was actually a rave review from my sister that convinced me to brave it. I thought it was going to be a real faff but it's actually saving me so much time each morning in my makeup routine!

The way it works? Soak it through under the tap and squeeze out all the excess water - the Beautyblender pretty much doubles in size - until you're left with a damp egg. The whole using a damp sponge on my dry skin thing felt very odd but somehow, it just works. It's all about the stippling. I put a little foundation of choice, currently L'Oreal True Match, onto the back of my hand then dab the Beautyblender into it and stipple all over the face. I find it blends seamlessly super quick, gives a perfect coverage and I also don't use as much product as I do with something like a buffing brush. It really does take a minute maybe to finish off my whole face - I always thought I'd be there for bloomin' ages making it blend in! There's zero patchiness and zero sponge marks like you'd get with those damned sponge wedges - I don't know how it does it, but the Beautyblender kicks butt.

I don't get chance to clean it in the morning's but rinse it out when I'm back from work using a drop or two of my Dr Bronner's Magic Soap to blitz it quickly and easily. Then simply leave to dry until you next use it. The great thing is, because you're getting it wet anyway next time you use it, if it's not fully dry you can obviously still use it. It's not like trying to wash a brush and having to wait until it's completely dry before use.

If you buy one thing this month, make it a Beautyblender. At £16, think of it as an investment. And investment in your skin and your makeup... this bright pink egg rocks.



  1. I couldn't believe the hype over a make up sponge at first but after receiving it with my birch box I love it and use it every day now!

  2. I got mine in my Birchbox too! :) x