Friday, November 14, 2014

A Good 8 Hours Sleep with Skinesis

For those of you who are familiar with the goings on round here, you'll probably have caught on to the fact I'm not one for indulging in luxury beauty or skincare on a regular basis. However, there are the odd moment when I give in to the temptation of the hype surrounding a certain product and that's what happened with the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial.

I'd heard tons of good things about the Skinesis range, particularly the Overnight Facial, so when the Morning Facial was released let's just say I was intrigued. I pretty much have my evening routine down at the moment but my morning needed a bit of a pick me up. Right as I took an interest, a few rave reviews popped up on this from some of my favourite bloggers and with Space NK had a £10 off orders over £30 offer - well, I was sold.

I have to say this has not disappointed. I gave this a go every day for a week and have since taken it down to just those mornings my skin really needs a helping hand because, after all, this isn't cheap! It feels so incredible on the skin though, I can't quite believe just how luxurious it is! It's like a serum, oil and moisturiser all rolled into one slick looking bottle. This silky elixir seeps into the skin effortlessly and instantly plumps up a dull complexion. My skin can be a little worse for wear in the early hours but this just brightens it up and makes makeup application so much easier to work with. Not had those recommended 8 hours sleep? This will become your best friend. Sarah Chapman's Skinesis Morning Facial claims to reduce fine lines and leave skin looking dewy and supple - honestly, I think she's nailed it. The effect is so similar to the result I get from having a facial at a spa or salon so to get that in a matter of minutes in my own home? Brilliant.

The fragrance also resembles that of something you'd get in a spa. Packed with rosehip oil, passion flower oil and argan oil, this really is a stunning, herbal experience as you massage it into the skin. I know some people don't like fragranced products on their face but you can be rest assured everything in the Skinesis Morning Facial is working wonders. I find one pump just about covers my face - I'd probably say to use one more but I'm tight and don't want this running out too soon!

At £45 for an itsy 15ml (I really wish there was a little more than that) this really is a luxury, high end product but if you can stretch the purse strings - and are in the market for a magical serum/oil hybrid - this is definitely worth the price tag. Despite the painful cost, I'm still so drawn in to the Skinesis Overnight Facial... what's wrong with me?! Saying that, I'm drawn in by the whole collection

Have you tried the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial?


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