Monday, November 24, 2014

StageLine Eyeshadow Primer

As you read this I'll be in (hopefully) sunny Spain! I'm here to help my cousin, who lives here, pick her wedding dress before she gets married next year. I've been looking forward to this short trip over for absolutely ages and getting to see her and my Auntie is bloomin' brilliant! Plus, the weather is much warmer than what we have in the UK.

I'll tell you what's come along in my carry on case though, the StageLine Eyeshadow Primer* (£11.90). I met this brand at the Fabb Birmingham event and have been trying out some of their products since and this is the standout one for me right now. I've never really found a decent eyeshadow primer - I've tried a few high street ones but never been blown away - but this has answered all my prayers! The things I look for in a primer is for it to not be greasy, to counteract the redness on my eyelids and, obviously, make my shadows last longer. The StageLine Eyeshadow Primer does all of this!

It's a really creamy product that you only need a teeny bit of. It blends really nicely and the skintone shade balances out the redness I have on my eyelids meaning any colour I put on top is true to form. I'd been using this for my work days, putting my face on at 4.15am, and come 8pm - even through a gym session - my eyeshadow and liner is pretty much still intact!

Shadows don't go patchy, the blend just as well with this as anything else and overall I am seriously so impressed by this little tube of goodness! StageLine is a brand used on TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing so you know the products will stand the test of hard work and a little sweating so I'm dead pleased it's lived up to my expectations.

Have you tried anything from StageLine?


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