Sunday, November 23, 2014

An Autumnal Pamper

Ok, it's getting seriously cold round these parts and dya know what? I'm kinda liking it. I'm a big fan of autumn and don't mind wrapping up in a few layers to beat the chill but unfortunately my skin says otherwise and sometimes a little pamper session is very much needed this season.

I like to start with a nice hot shower - I'm not a big bath person because I get bored really easily - and like a nourishing scrub to keep my skin soft and supple in the cold air. This Aloe Vera scrub from A Passion for Natural* is so lovely to use. It's cooling and almost feels like yoghurt on the skin. the exfoliating beads and fairly sparse meaning it's not too harsh and perfect for a more regular use. The aloe vera really calms down my eczema-prone skin and has worked wonders on getting rid of some little bumps on the tops of my arms all whilst leaving my skin feeling really hydrated.

To further enhance that nourishment I go in with both a moisturiser and an oil after showering. Excessive? Maybe. Works wonders? Yes. Kiehl's Creme de Corps is a huge favourite of mine and I love slathering it on my legs because it doesn't irritate my skin, leaves them silky smooth and also gives a nice sheen to them as well. For the drier parts of my body - elbows, neck and knees - I like an oil and the Dove Purely Pampering in Pistachio and Magnolia not only has the perfect name for this little session, but it really sinks into the skin with ease. It's really light and not sticky at all meaning I can slip my pj's on straight away. Plus it smells lovely!

Once wrapped up in my pyjamas and slippers firmly on I go in with a little skincare. Again on the hydration theme I always, always reach for The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask. I just know this works every single time so have become a creature of habit when it comes to needed a moisture boost. The light cream is layered onto the skin, left for 10 minutes or so then simply wiped off with some tissue. My skin instantly feels better, not as tight, and looks brighter and fresher.

Face mask done, a quick slick of a new nail polish always perks me up. As we're getting into the Christmas season I think a little festivity is in order so the Model's Own Champagne is ideal. A metallic beige-gold that peps up my digits in one coat - simple. Plus, when I'm there curled up with a hot cup of tea, a little champagne on my fingernails adds a little luxury...

I almost forgot! Don't forget to spend the rest of the evening snuggled with your favourite book and a warming candle. My current read? #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso (yes, I'm still reading it!). And the candle that's constantly burning in our house right now is Laura Mercier's Fresh Fig - deliciously warming.

What does your autumn pamper session consist of?


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