Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Gift: Lush Festive Friends


Happy Hump Day y'all! It feels very odd to be writing up a post on a Christmas gift set when I'm sitting at my auntie's in Spain and it's 19 degrees! I hear it's been pretty frosty back home? Well I'm back later tonight so I'll soon be getting my jumpers back on. Anyway, back to today's post.

Lush always bring it when it comes to gift sets and especially at Christmas. The theme boxes and done so well and are perfect for pretty much any recipient and even better for those folks who aren't sure what to get someone. I know my other half has opted for these for his sister in the past because she always loves them and there's always something new for her to try. The Lush Festive Friends* is pretty much Christmas in a box - packed with Santa, your own Monty the Penguin, a wintery polar bear and a cute seasonal hedgehog all make up a cute little present for just £14.50.

The Dashing Santa bath bomb is so much fun! Simply pop him in the bath and watch him race around the tub as he fizzes away. Packed with uplifting mandarin and cleansing bergamot oil you'll be left with super soft skin, a spring in your step and a bathroom smelling like a orangery! Not your typical festive scent but a nice change from the expected.

The Butterbear bath bomb is completely adorable. He's silky smooth which is different to your standard fizzy coated offerings. This little guy is packed with cocoa butter and a little ylang ylang oil and cocoa powder so seriously up the ante in the smooth skin stakes. Off out for a Christmas party? This one will give you the smoothest pins around!

Now onto one of the cutest of them all - the Christmas Penguin, aka our own Monty the Penguin! Isn't he just the sweetest? He's a lot bugger than I was expecting him to be which is a bonus - as it's a bubble bar it means you can cut him up into two or tree pieces quite easily and make the most out of it whilst still getting a decent amount of bubbles. The penguin is similar to Dashing Santa scent-wise - quite uplifting and citrusy - which again, isn't your standard festive feeling but lovely nonetheless.

Finally we have the Christmas Hedgehog - I'm not sure whether I find the penguin or this guy the cutest! This little guy is silky and smooth, much like the Butterbear, but is a bubble bar so your tub will fill with tons of bubbles when crumbled under running water. It's packed full of oils like ylang ylang, rose and sweet orange as well as cocoa butter so leave your skin soft. Much like a lot of this Festive Friends gift set, your skin will get a serious dose of hydration which is perfect for the winter months when we're battling cold weather and harsh winds mixed with central heating. 

If you bought each of these separately it'd come to £11.40 so a little cheaper but you do get it wrapped up in a box and gift wrap all ready to go. 

Will you be getting any of the Lush gift sets for Christmas?


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