Wednesday, November 05, 2014

New In: Aerin Fall Collection 2014

Well doesn't this collection look ridiculously pretty?! Some of the new Aerin collection landed through my door the other day and, although I've not had chance to play around too much, on first impression I love everything. Not aware of Aerin? It's like a sister brand to Estee Lauder and Aerin is actually Estee Lauder's granddaughter so y'know, you're in good hands!

First up the Cool Gel Eyeliner* in Effortless Black. This is so silky smooth! I'm not someone who uses pencil liner much but this is definitely going to get some use because it blends so well and can be smudged into the lash line for those days I don't fancy wearing a retro liner flick. I can't quite explain just how buttery soft this is, go and swatch it for yourself and see!

Another item I wouldn't normally be drawn to is the Rose Balm*. My usual choice for lip balms and various bits and bobs from The Body Shop or whatever's lying around my bag but this is a little more special than that. I adore the packaging, the gold lid is really beautiful and it's a reasonably large size. It doesn't smell as strong of rose as I was expecting - I'm not a big fan anyway so that's a plus for me - and the colour is just a light wash across the lips. Will report back on how I get on with this one!

Now can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the Weekend Palette* is, please? This gold box is filled with shades that are right up my street! The packaging is simply stunning and houses four lip colours, two eyeshadows and a face powder as well as a lip brush and double ended shadow sponge. I love the little powder pink pouch it comes in! The face powder is a lovely subtle bronze, great for winter contouring, and the shadows are shades that I'll use on a daily basis. I sometimes find palettes with lip glosses in a little awkward to use as you have to use a lip brush and that just another thing to clean - yep, lazy - but these seem really pretty so I'm looking forward to giving them a go. If nothing else this is perfect as an all in one for travelling and I may be taking it to my short trip to Spain later this month! If I could make one suggestion with it, I'd have liked maybe a highlighter in the space of the shadow sponge - I find these a little useless and a highlighter would mean it'd house everything I could need!

The creme de la creme? The new Waterlily Sun* fragrance. Oh my goodness this is special! I've always been interested in the Aerin fragrances, I mean the packaging it just beautiful, and this has not disappointed that expectation. I love the stone effect lid and the shape and design of the bottle is really lovely. As for the fragrance itself? I love. It's very much a mature scent that's slightly floral but also has a musky undertone. I find it very similar to Estee Lauder fragrances such as Modern Muse in the way of it's overall theme and I've been wearing it non stop since getting my mitts on it! I little goes a long way and I think it's a tad overbearing for my boyfriend but I'm in love with it.

This really was such a generous gift from the guys at Estee Lauder so thank you so much! Is there anything in the Aerin Fall Collection 2014 that's caught your eye? Anything going on the Christmas list?


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  1. Looks like a gorgeous collection x