Friday, November 07, 2014

Good Night's Sleep in a Bottle x3

In a bottle, in a spray and in a tin actually! I'm not sure whether you know but for my job I have to be up at 4am which means bedtime for me is around 8pm... grandma, I know. Most of the time, I'm so exhausted I go off to sleep straight away but sometimes it's a bit more of a struggle - cue this trio of sleep inducing products!

I always shower before bed during the week so I've been wanting a shower gel that helps me unwind and relax my mind a little. At the Fabb Birmingham event a week or so ago, Bodhi & Birch founder Elijah kindly gifted me the Jasmine Falls Relaxing Bath & Shower Therapy*. I'm not a huge fan of scents like lavender as they can be very overpowering so this, with the jasmine scent, is incredible! It's very deep and musky and instantly I can feel myself unwinding as I breathe it in. I simply pop a little bit onto my loofah, lather it up (it lathers up really well!) and scrub it over my chest and arms. I've been using this every weeknight since getting it and, not only am I not even a quarter of the way through, it's really been helping me get ready for Snooze Town! I'm definitely considering getting the full size bottle.

Next up, bedtime. Once I've done my evening skincare routine, I sometimes pop a little of the Anatomicals Cruisin' for a Snoozin' Sleep Balm* on my temples. This does have a lavender scent but it's very, very subtle. It's very creamy, you don't have to press hard to get some product onto your finger, and it seeps into the skin really easily. It's great for travelling too because of the lightweight tin - pop this in your hand luggage for a flight to help you get 40 winks and you'd be right off! I don't use this every night, but when I need an extra kick in the snoozing department, this is slathered on right away!

Finally my favourite new addition - Molton Brown Ylang Ylang Room Spray*. I have my friend Bec to thank for gifting me this cute little bottle. I'd been tempted by the this works Deep Sleep spray for a long while but the overpowering lavender put me off - it's not just me who finds it strong, my other half is not a fan so spritzing my pillows with that would leave him a very unhappy bunny when he came to bed. This however it divine! I can't quite explain the fragrance, it's very spa like and as soon as I spray this in the air I take a deep breathe and instantly relax. It's just so soothing and a lovely aroma to surround yourself in before dropping off.

I sometimes throw in a few pages of whichever book I'm reading at the time if I can keep my eyes open - currently it's Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS (it's amazing). Granted, all of this could just be a placebo and not really do anything but, for me, if I'm getting some extra shut eye each night after using these then I'm going to sing their praises!

Have you got any tips for helping you sleep?


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