Sunday, November 16, 2014

Five for Fall: Nail Polishes

I apologise. I know, I know, it's not 'fall' here in the UK - it's autumn, darling. But I've had to let it slip in favour of a better sounding blog title. We're well and truly into autumn so what better time to pull out my favourite nail polish shades for the season?

The Navy Blue: Essie 'After School Boy Blazer' link
A navy blue polish is the one I opt for when I'm wanting black but remember black looks much too harsh on me. This one from Essie is a deep inky navy blue that is almost black in some lights but is just a tad fresher, more youthful and much easier to wear. Pair it with a glitter polish for some serious Christmas cheer.

The Grey: L'Oreal 'Soft Chinchilla' link
I adore grey nail polish - I mean, I adore grey in anything but on my digits? So chic. I was obsessed with white in the spring/summer so this is like the colder month alternative. Classy yet cosy, a grey polish looks great for a dressed up dinner or an everyday work. Opt for a paler shade to prevent it washing out paler skintones.

The Burgundy: Revlon 'Forbidden'
I have so many autumnal reds that I go for time and time again. This one from Revlon or Vixen from the same brand are probably the greatest out there to channel the vino tones. A red is always a good idea but take it a few shades deeper over winter to compliment the change in our wardrobes and also - who can say no to matchy-matchy lips and tips n burgundy reds?

The Metallic: Max Factor 'Midnight Bronze' link
The colder months mean a lead up to Christmas which means we're breaking out the metallic nail polishes for those festivities and parties. Most would maybe opt for the silvery metallics but for me it's all about the rose gold. The from Max Factor is as good as any others I have in my stash, it goes on super thick with no streaks which you sometimes find with metallics. Also, totally wearable for at work duties.

The Berry Tones: Essie 'Big Spender' link
Like the burgundies, berry toned polishes are pulled out around this time of year. I find I'm drawn to purples and plums much more around now than I am in the summer as an alternative to a burgundy shade. I adore this one from Essie - it's a little more plum in real life and is the type of shade I'd love to have a jumper in. A fun option for those of us who can't quite say goodbye to summer but are realistic enough to switch things up for the season.

What are you favourite fall autumn nail polish shades?


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