Sunday, October 05, 2014

Shop the Stash #1

I've never done a shop the stash post on my blog but, as I've been uncovering some old favourites as part of my October Lipstick Challenge, I've been pulling out some other old favourites from the rest of my collection too.

Barry M Blink liner
This isn't so much as a rediscovery of this specific liner, it's more a rediscovery of a way of doing my liner. I wear a winged liner look every single day but had been favouring a full, all along the lid look recently but I've since switched it up to how I used to do it around a year ago - only bringing the liner in to the the first third of the lid and tapering it down really finely. I find it opens up my eyes way more, especially if I've not slept much, so I'm definitely going for this look most of the time now! (Side note - this Barry M liner is pretty badass.)

Ahh this is such a lovely colour! This is one of those that I've pulled out to wear at some point for the October Lipstick Challenge - it's a creamy, sheer nude that is so easy to wear. It doesn't last long but is one of those that you don't need a mirror to reapply. Cannot wait to wear this!

MAC Rebel
MAC Rebel and I have a special relationship. The flame burns throughout the year but is rekindled during Autumn/Winter but despite a few months apart, it's like we never left. I adore this shade, it's plummy and purpley and just encapsulates autumn for me in one sleek black bullet. If you see me wearing a plum shade, it's more than likely going to be this. I'm so glad it's autumn time again! Come to mama!

L'Oreal TXT Volumising Spray
I first bought this at the start of the year and instantly fell in love. However, after purchasing the Charles Worthington offering, it got pushed to one side. I randomly pulled this out the other day though and I think I actually much prefer it to the CW one - it doesn't have a funky smell, the hold isn't too crispy, can be brushed out easily and overall just does the job a little better for me. Definitely going to reach for this some more.

Super Facialist by Una Brennan Tea Flower
This is one of those masks that I don't think anyone can not like. It's such a great pore cleansing mask that's super quick to use, is really affordable and works really well. My first bottle was over a year ago now! I put this second bottle to one side for a couple of months though because I started running low and I've noticed it's been discontinued/reformulated - but after hearing rave reviews about the new version, I'm going to give this some serious love and share some final moments with it.

Have you rediscovered anything recently?


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