Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October Lipstick Challenge: Intro

It's a bit of a late post today and that's for one reason, and one reason only - I was too busy enjoying my birthday yesterday to prep anything. #SorryNotSorry. For anyone wondering, I had a really lovely day despite having to work! I was serenaded down the phone to by a friend, had chocolate for breakfast, met the cast of the Dirty Dancing musical, got some gorgeous gifts (which'll probably feature on here at some point) and had dinner cooked for me by my man so all in all, it was pretty good. There's more celebrations this weekend and next though. Yes, I'm a birthday whore this year.

Anyway, the reason you probably clicked this post in the first place 'what on earth is the October Lipstick Challenge?!'. Well, I was browsing through my ridiculous extensive collection and realised I don't know whether I've ever actually worn all of these at any point! I have so many, some have just been swatched, some are used from time to time and some are my most reached for but I thought I'd set myself a challenge this month: wear a different lipstick every day in October. I'm actually really looking forward to it! I'm hoping to uncover some beauties in my stash that may have gone unloved and will try not to just go for the ones I usually do. So, the rules? There's not many...

  • I must wear at least ONE new lipstick/lipgloss every day.
  • The only time a repeat can happen is if a new one has already been worn that day.
  • My birthday weekend in Sheffield doesn't count (a girl's gotta go for her faves, right?!).

That's pretty much it! So today I went for something a little safe maybe, but one that I absolutely adore! Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake reminds me of my brother's wedding last year every time I wear it as I bought it specifically for the big day and I love it when makeup brings back wonderful memories like that. It's a gorgeous light pink, with a winning formula that's buttery and just pigmented enough. Whenever I'm stuck for what lipstick to wear, this is one of those that I know will just work.


I'm not going to have any swatched but will do a round up at the end of each week of what I've worn and make sure you follow me on Instagram because I'll make sure I post which I've gone for each day!

Anyone else want to join in with my October Lipstick Challenge?


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