Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

Another post on The Body Shop? Yes, I know - if it gets dull tell me but my love for their products is at an all time high right now so... deal. The Wild Argan Oil range launched a little while ago now but I've only just got round to giving them a whirl. I had no doubts that I would love it, because I tend to get that way about all things TBS, but would it really do much good for my skin?

First off what's included in the range? There are 8 items in total including a Body Butter, Radiant Oil (which I was seriously considering), Body Scrub, Bubbling Bath, Solid Oil Lip Balm, Miracle Solid Oil and - the ones I went for - Body Lotion and Shower Gel. I'm no newbie when it comes to argan oil, I've used it on my hair for many years now to smooth and condition the ends but I can't say I've ever used anything on my skin with argan oil in it. 

All of the products smell incredible. It's much more unisex than anything else offered at TBS but has a slight sensual, sexy edge to it which is a nice change. Some of the products reminded me a little of sun lotion. But a sexy sun lotion. Right? Whatever it is, it smells delicious! 

I opted for the Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion and Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel because well, you can never have enough shower gel and I favoured the lotion over the body butter because I wanted something a little lighter. Having mild eczema on my legs means there aren't many shower gels I can use that won't irritate my skin, including some from TBS like Blueberry, Satsuma etc (they all irritate), but I hoped the soothing aspects of the argan oil would actually help ease the sensitivity and irritation I can sometimes get.Was I right? YES! Not only does it smells yummy, it hasn't bothered my skin at all which is a massive deal! I really would recommend The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel for sensitive/eczema prone skin because it's done wonders for mine and makes such a nice change to boring ol' Sanex.

The Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion is just as lovely. Again, the oily, soothing properties in it did wonders for my skin with zero irritation. My skin soaked it up in seconds and I was able to get dressed pretty soon after applying it - no waiting around. I spoke of my love for the Dove Nourishing Body Oil last week and I guess The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion is like a more intensely hydrated version because of the lotion. Again, it smells beautiful - I really hope The Body Shop bring out a body mist or something in the Wild Argan Oil range because it smells so lovely, I think it'd go down really well. 

I adore this new range from The Body Shop and definitely have my eye on the Body Scrub and Radiant Oil next! 

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil range?


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  1. I haven't tried this yet but I use their shower gels all the time so I will have to pick this up ASAP! x

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