Friday, September 26, 2014

Birthday Treats: The Body Shop Mini Hand Cream

Hands up if you remember my rave about the Love Me Beauty card from The Body Shop... if you're raising 'em high, give yourself 10 points. As part of the benefits of this card, you get a little treat when your birthday rolls around! You essentially get £5 towards anything of your choice so, as my birthday is next week, I wen in and picked up a couple of the new mini hand creams.

Coming in at £3.50 a piece, the hand creams from The Body Shop are a real bargain. I have a love hate relationship with the packaging though - adoring the metal tube but not loving the screw top (it gets a bit fiddly). I have the Coconut and Shea ones and both smell incredible. They scents stay true to products in the rest of each range so you know exactly what to expect - there's 8 scents in total, but these two are my favourites because I'm not a big fruity fan for things like this. I'm rally hoping they move their original large tubes in Almond, Absinthe and Hemp into mini versions too!

The tubes are pretty tiny but so perfect for throwing in your bag, keeping in the car and I think the 30ml will last for a pretty long while, You only need a pea sized amount for both hands and it sinks in super quickly without leaving my skin tacky afterwards. The scent is just strong enough, not too overpowering but also stays around for a while longer which I love. Coconut is the one collection from The Body Shop I obsess over - oils, body lotion, body cream, lip balm - believe me, I have a hell of a lot of this so picking this one up was inevitable. However the Shea range isn't normally one I'm drawn to but this smells really, really good! It's reminds me a little of a men's scent with it's musky undertones so would be great as a unisex product - I actually have a feeling my other half will like this one. It's definitely something I want to look into getting more of!

All in all, these little babies are really great products. Dinky enough to carry about, packed full of beautiful scent and works wonderfully all at a really affordable price. If you want a new hand cream, get your mitts on these!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Mine's jam packed with birthday celebrations - nope, not mine... My parent's both have theirs just days before my own! September is a busy month to say the least...


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