Monday, September 01, 2014

Birthday Wishlist 2014

Oh hi there, September! I love September. It's the start of autumn which my favourite season, it means I can start wearing jumpers and boots as well as darker lipstick shades and to top it all off - it's my birthday month!

Now usually I do a standard wishlist post for my birthday - to give you guys an idea of what I'm lusting after and also to help out friends and family who don't know what to get me - but I'm doing it a little differently this time thanks to the discovery of Grateful Goose. Grateful Goose is a free online wishlist generator which allows you to create a wishlist and put links to the product making it easy for friends and family to find and purchase. You simply install the app on your web browser then whenever you spot something you like online, click the little 'present button' and hit 'add to wishlist'. Simple, no? I came across it when the guys at Grateful Goose started following me on Twitter - I checked it out and became obsessed!

Anyone who does buy through it can do so anonymously whilst still marking it as purchased so there's no double buying - plus, it's hidden from you so it's still a surprise! Simply send the link to friends and family for them to see the list for themselves - all they need to do is sign up. I know that my other half is going to appreciate this because a) he always wants to get me something I want and b) it's easy for beauty-noobs to get makeup I want without feeling awkward in the beauty hall. I also like that you can put a variety of items at different prices meaning there's no awkward conversation of 'so how much do you want to spend?'. Whether it's birthdays and Christmas lists or even wedding gifts, I really think this is such a simple yet super smart idea! Seriously, it'd make life so much easier!

So what's on my wishlist? See for yourself here! I've tried to put a mix of beauty, fashion and household pieces but let's be honest, it's kinda full of palettes. #SorryNotSorry.

What do you think of the idea of Grateful Goose?


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