Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Brow Wiz dupe? Soap & Glory Archery

This may feel like history repeating itself and yes, I did review the Soap & Glory Archery not so long ago, but this is a brand new version. It's been revamped, slimmed down and a spoolie has been installed. This combo means it's struck me as another dupe for Anastasia's Brow Wiz. Intrigued? Thought so.

The original Soap & Glory Archery has a felt pen on one end and a waxy pencil on the other, however this new version has a spoolie on one end and a much slimmer waxy pencil on the other. Sound familiar? Yep, Anastasia's Brow Wiz offers the exact same thing. The pencil nib is super fine, much like the bareminerals offering too, which means you can create much more realistic hairs to fill in the brows resulting in a much more natural look. I did enjoy the original but looking at it now, I get much better results with this revamped version. Don't be sad though if the original is your holy grail - you can still get it.

The waxy formula means applying it is really easy and it stays around for ages. It's not so soft that it smudges everywhere but not so firm that it tugs on your skin - the perfect combo. I love the spoolie too; using it to brush through the brows before and during application to ensure things are blended nicely and not too stark. I've been growing out my brows for about a month now and it's been frustrating trying to make them look decent when I have so many stray hairs (I'm trying to thicken them out) but this has made the process much more enjoyable and I'm less likely to want to throw it out the window each morning when my temper flares. I can pull of a decent brow each morning quick and easy but also spending a little extra time on them gives me my perfect brow. Serious brow game. I think the picture above speaks for itself in the end result - natural and full. 

The only downside to Soap & Glory Archery is the colour choice. There are only two shades to choose from - Hot Chocolate (which I have) and Blondshell. Hot Chocolate is a pretty good match for me, ashy and not too dark, but those with darker brows may find it a little too light. I can't speak for the blonde version but it seems there are a number of girls who will struggle to find a suitable shade. However, if either of those look like they're a good match for you, I highly, highly recommend taking a trip to Boots and picking yourself up an Archery pencil.

It's by far my most favourite brow product I've used, it's easy to get hold of and, at £8.00, it doesn't cost the earth. Nice work once again, S&G! link

What's your favourite brow product?


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