Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Review: Monu Collagen Eye Cream

I've been on the hunt for a new eye cream for a while now. I'd been using one from Kiehl's which I did really like but ran out of and wanted to try something new. When Monu sent me a couple of pieces to try I was really happy to find this little one in there - the Collagen Eye Cream.

I've been using the Monu Collagen Eye Cream for a fair few weeks now and overall I'm really impressed. First of all let's talk about the packaging. It's housed in a tall slim plastic pump that's super light and travel friendly. It looks really chic and way more high end than the £26.95 price tag - sure that's not cheap but it's not Lancome, Dior, Omorovicza prices! The only gripe I have is that so much is dispensed with one pump and it's hard to control how much you get. One pump is way too much for both eyes so I have to ease it out gently so try and get a teeny amount.

Now - does it work? Well, yeah. It's super moisturising and I've noticed a big difference in how my concealer's been applying. It's much smoother and the fact it's not as dehydrated means it blends much better. The Arnica, Evening Primrose Oil and Marine Collagen have really helped reduce the puffiness of my under eyes. I've always had a problem with puffiness but I've noticed a massive difference since using this. The only thing I wish it tackled was my dark circles. I really need a helping hand with those and this isn't really helping - although, it doesn't claim to do so so I can't be too disappointed. I think I'll be using this of a morning from now on and look at getting something to deal with dark circles for the night. Any recommendations?

What's your favourite eye cream?



  1. this one sounds beautiful! I'll have to put this on my to try list! I love the celebrity skin collagen eye cream :) xx

  2. Thanks Georgina! Ooh will have to take a look at your recommendation :) xx