Monday, August 04, 2014

Day to Day Jewellery

Years ago I was always about costume jewellery. Big chunky things from Topshop, River Island, New Look... you get the idea. However, over the past couple of years I've started gaining a collection of jewellery that's a little more pricey, more of an investment and items that will see me through many, many years. I love the idea of wearing the same bits and pieces every day and the things I have in my collection so far are pretty dainty and classy that work with every outfit. I do want to point out that everything here was given to me as gifts over a series of years and I know that I am very lucky to have such generous family and friends.

Tiffany & Co key necklace link
I was gifted this by my Mom for my 21st birthday and it was exactly what I wanted. I'd been lusting over a Tiffany key necklace for so long but didn't want the classic shape nor did I want a short chain - my mother knows me so well and literally got exactly the combo I liked the most! I love this club shape key, I think it just brings something different to the original style. I'm just 100% sure on what the actual chain length is but it sits - excuse this description - right above my cleavage. Sorry. I adore this and wear with so many things.

Emerald stone ring
This is a family ring that my Mom passed down to me a fair few years ago now and I wear it every single day. This, along with a couple of other items, are always worn and I feel naked without it. I adore the vintage look to it and the style is what I'd like from something like an engagement ring. I wear it on my middle finger on my left hand and will never wear it anywhere else.

Diamonfire ring link
This one, with the clear stone, was from my boyfriend for Christmas a couple of years ago. I actually picked this out myself - I wanted something small and classic from him that I could wear every day. This one from Diamonfire fits the bill perfectly and is on my middle finger on my right hand every day. Again, it has quite a vintage feel to it with the way the stones are set and I adore it.

Pandora September sapphire ring link
I've always wanted something with my birthstone in it, sapphire for September, but didn't want it to be garish and over the top. This Pandora ring is subtle yet incorporates a little colour into my collection with ease. I had this for Christmas the same year as my Diamonfire ring off my Dad and double it up with the Diamonfire one in the same finger. I'd like to get a couple of others from Pandora to create a stack.

Marc Jacobs watch link
Oh this is just so beautiful! This particular Christmas, two years ago, was the year of jewellery as I got this the same year as my two rings. When my Dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas, the only thing I could really think of was a new watch. I have a Thomas Sabo one off my boyfriend that I'd worn to death but is a brown strap and silver face and I'd lusted over the Marc Jacobs ones for years. I gave my Dad a few options and he ended up picking my favourite. It's really chunky, like a mens watch, and totally in your face but the rose gold makes it that little more feminine. Some people don't like mixing metals but I like how statement this is. My Thomas Sabo battery died a few months back so this was promoted from 'night out/special occasion' wear to 'every day' until I get a new battery. Really need to get on that...

Pandora cord bracelet and charms link
This combo of a bracelet and two charms is off a few of my friends and I don't really ever take this off. I switch it up with a couple of other bracelets I have but at the moment this has been stuck to me like glue. I love that it has quite a relaxed, beachy vibe yet still classy enough to fit into the rest of my collection. The charms are subtle and I don't want any others on it - I want to keep it nice and simple. The bracelet was off two of my best friend both charms are off one of my other besties - I love that one item of jewellery reminds me of all of them! 

Links of London sweetie bracelet
Oh my, the hunt for this was long. I'd dropped hints about this to my boyfriend for a long while and he said he'd tried to get it me for my birthday but it had been discontinued. I'd kind of forgotten about it but then we found it at Bicester Village. Within minutes, his Christmas gift to me was done! I love the white against the silver and it's something I opt for in the summer months. It layers up with the Pandora  and other bracelets I have really well which I like. Just a beautiful, classic piece.

There you have it! I do have a fair few others bits and pieces so, would you like to see a post on all the items I have?

What type of jewellery can you not go a day without?

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