Monday, August 11, 2014

Pula, Croatia 2014

My boyfriend and I love to travel. We always look to go to new places each year, we actually worked out since being together, we've been on 11 holidays! ELEVEN! I really am so very lucky. However, with the whole world to choose from, coming up with our holiday this year was a toughie! We'd been toying around with the idea of Croatia for a long while so finally bit the bullet to jet off to the European country at the end of July for a week of all inclusive fun in the sun! After much deliberation we decided upon Pula, a small peninsula off the coast - the town is quite similar to Rome which kind of swayed us as we loved Rome two years ago. 

This post is going to be crazy picture heavy so - you have been warned! But I wanted to share a handful of shots from our trip and maybe it'll end up being somewhere you'd like to go. The picture above is of the view from our hotel pool. We stayed at the Park Plaza Hotel Histria which was a lovely place for the week, very modern and right on the coastline so you could dip straight in the sea with ease! Oh and no sand - I hate sand, it gets everywhere so I'm all for the pebble beaches...

Just a few days in we took a boat over to the Frasker Island which is actually what we overlooked from the hotel pool. It was a super cheap boat over and going early in the morning was great because it was super quiet before the locals came over. We perched ourselves in a quiet spot round the opposite side of the island which was quite rocky but perfect for paddling in the sea, taking some obligatory self timed selfies (damn those bikini shots) and etching our mark in the rocks!

This was one of our sunbathing spots for most days - a little rock perch on the sea edge just a short walk down from the hotel itself. It's all part of the hotel which is great and has so many easy ways to get into the sea. The sea kind of freaks me out so we bought sea shoes - sexy - so we could paddle about without the fear of urchins!

The view of the hotel outside at night from our balcony. We had a gorgeous view of the harbour and sea for the most part but just down below we could enjoy any entertainment - and the couple of thunderstorms we had! - from the comfort of our balcony.

We got to take a trip into Pula town on the Sunday we were out there. It was a very cheap bus ride from the hotel which takes you straight into the town centre. We actually went with a guide from the hotel who told us all the historical elements of the town and how much influence there was from Venice as it was kind of taken over by the Venetians way back when - it explains how much it reminds us of Rome and the street signs are actually in Croatian and Italian which is kind of cool. There was some really beautiful buildings, namely these gorgeous yellow and cream ones above which actually felt a little Parisian. We visited a church, which housed some super cute tortoises, and also the amphitheatre. It's one of the best preserved in the world and is still used for concerts and festivals. It's no where near as big as the one in Rome but still amazing nonetheless.

A few shots from our last couple of days which consisted of more sunbathing and lots of food. I had such a lovely time and we did a whole lot of nothing which is exactly what we both needed! A couple of trips out meant we didn't get bored but there was lots of other stuff to do had we wanted to. I'd definitely recommend visiting Pula - it's so beautiful and the islands are practically untouched! 

What have you got up to this summer?


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  1. Wow this looks lovely, I went to Sidari, Corfu a few weeks ago, although it feels a lot longer than that now and it was really nice, everyone was so friendly :)