Friday, August 01, 2014

Holiday Polish for Toes

It's August already! Happy 1st of the month, guys! I'm currently sunning myself ins beautiful Pula in Croatia but you didn't think I'd forget about a beauty fix for you guys?! As my tanning ways are well underway - let's be real, I'll come back burnt - it's time to think about what polish to put on my tootsies to enhance a golden glow. An odd post maybe, but I always opt for brighter colours on my toenails in the summer than on my fingers.

Topshop 'Parma Violet' link
I reviewed this almost a year ago to the day but it's still love. It's a perfect combo of pastel yet not too pale and the lilac colour is just so pretty! One of the most muted ones in this write up but it works wonders at enhancing a little colour on the skin.

Model's Own 'Bubblegum' link
Bubblegum is from their neon brights collection and boy - this is bright! I adore the frosted glass packaging and, as with most Model's Own products, the brush is perfect for an easy application. It truly is a neon pink but what would summer be without an in-yer-face kinda colour?

Revlon 'Zealous' link
Talking of in-yer-face shades - Revlon Zealous is right up there in that category. A bright yellow that pulls a little more lime and has an incy bit of shimmer in it. I'm not one for shimmer normally but you can't really see it in this shade. And don't worry, it's not going to make your nails looks ill - Revlon have this balance just right.

Essie 'Blanc' link
I've waxed lyrical about this shade for so long and it was in my Summer Nail Picks this year too but it is just so good! I adore white nails especially in the summer. They go with everything, look cool and classy at the same time, and really boost a golden glow. Essie polishes are just awesome anyway so you won't go wrong with this. This is actually what I'm sporting on my fingers and toes this year. I know, right?

Ciate 'Red Hot Chilli' link
Without the Peppers. This shade is a perfect summer red. I adore red nails all year round but in the summer things have to get a little brighter, no? Ciate polishes are so creamy an long lasting too and the packaging is just the cutest! I'd say this is like a true tomato red with a hint of orange as opposed to chilli... ok, enough of the vegetable talk.

Rimmel 'District-ly Come Dancing'
Finally this little beauty from Rimmel. I think this one is easily passable when browsing the Rimmel shelves but give it a second look next time you're in a drugstore. It's a teal that's a little brighter than your normal and looks bloomin' awesome of toes. I opt for this on toes over finger nails because well, you can have a bit more fun on your toes can't you?

What will you be rocking on your tootsies this summer?


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