Friday, June 20, 2014

Top Three | Summer Scrubs

This warm weather seems to be sticking around which means the pins are coming out to play - oh dear. This past weekend was the first time I'd got my pasty winter legs out since all the cold weather so the past week itself was filled with prep for that. Scrub, moisturise, tan - the works. Well you've gotta look good for them vampire boys, right?

I've been getting into body scrubs more and more this year and am building up quite the collection. There are certain scents I like at different times of the year but for this warmer weather I'm drawn to fruitier, more tropical, ones.

Odylique Coconut Candy Scrub* - link
This one is super duper coconutty. Like, not messed with, raw coconut scent which may not be for everyone. It doesn't have much of a sweet smell like most coconut variations do but to me it's delicious. The scrub is quite coarse but I love that it goes really creamy when you start to wash it off. It's thick and sticks on your skin which I like - I hate scrubs that slide off the skin! The scent lingers a little but nothing to write home about. I'm actually giving one of these away this month - check out the competition here!

The Body Shop Early Harvest Raspberry Scrub - link
Ohhh mama, this is good. When I saw all the bloggers raving about this before it's release it went straight to the top of my list - seriously I've never smelt anything like it! I can't even put into words just how raspberry-ish this is. It looks like jam, feels like jam and smells like an actual raspberry farm.  It's light in texture but tacky enough that it adheres to the skin - no slipping about here! There are scrubbing bits in it along with raspberry seeds which I adore - it feels so natural. Seriously, you need to go into your nearest store asap and get a whiff of this stuff - it is incredible.

Kiehl's Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish - link
This has been my favourite for the longest time. It has a real coconut scent but it's much sweeter than Odylique's - think Pina Coladas and you're pretty much there. The term body polish is pretty bang on, the scrubbing parts aren't as large as a normal body scrub they're much finer which does make it feel like it's polishing the skin. I like using this on smaller areas like the tops of my arms, my décolletage and top of my back/neck as these are the areas I like to do smaller circular motions to smooth out the skin - especially after the gym where I've been sweating (gross). This lathers slightly when you mix it with water which is great. I did a full review of this bad boy here.

When it comes to the process, circular motions are the way forward. It'll boost the blood flow in your skin making it brighter as well as getting rid of those dead skin cells. Scrubbing 24 hours before tanning is your best bet fi you're wanting a faux glow, it's also good to scrub before shaving your legs as it stimulates the hair follicles an loosens everything for a smoother shave. Make sure, if you do fake tan, to scrub lightly the following days to make sure it wears off evenly - no need to go crazy, but a little encouragement will mean a less patchy wear.

What are you favourite body scrubs?


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