Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: 02-04-2014

Cargo Vintage Escapes palette £35.00
When I came across this on the Debenhams website I may have let out a teeny weeny beauty-girl squeal. I'd seen Tati, Glam Life Guru, gush over it in several of her videos but I assumed it was another lost cause - something that'll remain overseas, much like the Lorac Prom, and we'd never see. But no! It's right here on UK soil and looks bloomin lovely. It may be full of 'fall' colours but I wear them all year round.

ghd Lavender IV Styler £99.00
Isn't this just ridiculously pretty?! I've had my pair of beloved ghds for a good while now, I have the limited ed white ones, but I think they're on their way out. Things just aren't being curled/straightened as well as they used to. Oh, did I mention how pretty these are? They come in periwinkle blue and jade too... maybe I'd need all three.

REN Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm £20.00
I've been getting more and more into body scrubs recently after becoming obsessed with the Body Polish from Kiehl's, but as that's on its way out I'm after something new. This sounds divine and I've heard nothing but good things about REN in general. I love the phrase 'body balm' - it just sounds so luxurious!

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster £15.80
I'm pretty sure this is the product for spring/summer. Many bloggers have been reviewing it in recent weeks and it seems it can do no wrong. I believe you can add a few drops to your night cream which develops over a few days into a fresh, natural glow on the skin. Well if Kate loves it, it's gotta be a winner, right?

Daniel Sandler 'Beyond Sunset' Quad £28.00
Ohh I love so many Daniel Sandler products! I first got into the brand when I had one of his mascaras in a GlossyBox a couple of years ago but haven't tried much since. I lust over them every day as I scour the pages of beauty sites but haven't had chance to experience them. This eyeshadow quad may just be that nudge of encouragement though - the colours look beautiful and really versatile. I'm also gushing over his Watercolour Blushes and Contour Kit. Oh, Daniel...

What's on your wishlist this week?



  1. A ghd is always on my wish list

    Elizabeth x

  2. Oooh the GHD's are to die for. And the colour of them is so pretty! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog