Monday, March 31, 2014

#NOTW: Greys & Holographic Glitters

For today's #NOTW post, I've gone a little 90s. Anything glittery, holographic and multi-tonal was on my eyes, nails, clothes, hair - heck everywhere - when I was younger. The likes of Claire's Accessories and freebies from Bliss or Sabrina's Secrets magazine (anyone else remember that mag-series?) helped in my addiction and feeding my magpie-like habits.

Fast forward to the 21st century and an adult-Amy is still drawn to all that sparkles but now I try to sport it in a more mature way. (Pfft...). 

I first applied a couple of layers of Little Bo Peep from Rimmel's 60 Second range. I love this shade. I've worn it several times alone and it's the perfect pastel-grey that errs on the side of white. I love grey nail polish shades and this has flown straight to the top of my most reached for. I was tempted to leave it at this - after all, my mani was for an awards do for work - but after recently digging out Save Me from Nicki Minaj's collab with OPI a few years back, I couldn't help but make them sparkle! I only put on one light layer, but it was enough. Save Me has tons of straight holographic glitter particles suspended in a translucent silver glitter polish. The silver glitter is itsy bitsy and more like a shimmer allowing the holographic glitters to really steal the show. I love this shade, it's super playful and really easy way of sprucing up a normal mani.

Pick up Little Bo Peep here and I've tracked down Save Me on good ol'Amazon here.


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