Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: LUSH Lip balms

I love Lush.

The products are fresh, the packaging is simple and the stores smell delicious - what more could you want?

When I got the chance to test out the re-launched lip balms range I jumped at the chance! I've been a fan of their Lip Scrubs for a while now so I was very excited to try the balms.

Here we have three from the range: Lip Service*, Honey Trap* and None Of Your Beeswax*.

The packaging is typical Lush - a simple tin with a list of all the ingredients on the back. I won't list all the ingredients as we'll be here for a while!

They're literally a perfect size. Easy to slip into your handbag but also great to slip into a jean pocket without leaving an unattractive lump on your leg! They can be a little tricky to open if you screw them down too far but it's not really that much of an issue.

Lip Service is the simplest of the trio. It's not listed as having a scent but still described as keeping your lips supple and crack-free. Although it doesn't smell of anything specific, you do get the shea butter scent through a tad which is nice. A few of the other ingredients include apricot kernel oil, beeswax and cocoa butter - a recipe for beautiful, soft, kissable lips!

I've actually given this to my boyfriend. He gets chapped lips quite a lot but gets put off from using lip balms because the good ones usually come in girly, fussy packaging or are in a stick form so it's uncomfortable to apply (looking like he's applying lippy!). So this simple tin with the black label is great for men and women.

Meet Honey Trap. Ooh this one is a sweet, sweet smell! I don't think it could smell more like honey! Granted, this isn't going to be to everyone tastes (or smells!) and I'm not a massive fan of such a strong honey scent but it's still a gorgeous product for the lips.

As described it includes white chocolate, vanilla and honey - all of which are extremely potent. It also includes beeswax, almond oil and peppermint oil. Just the ingredients list makes me want to eat it!

Like I said, it really is for a specific preference. It's too strong for me and my boyfriend pulled a squirmy face when he smelt it so I doubt he'd appreciate me smelling of it if he went in for a kiss! However, if honey is your thing, this is definitely for you!

This, this, is by far my favourite! None Of Your Beeswax smells DELICIOUS. Imagine a super lemony, lemon drizzle cake... this is that - in a tin! I'm in love with it and it's taken a proud place in my handbag.

The smell is so fresh, perfect for spring, but also a little sweet to satisfy your senses. You could also compare it to lemon and sugar on pancakes! Ahh, it's so lush! 

Other ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter and fresh lemon. The fact it has fresh lemon seals the deal for me - it makes me feel like I'm treating my lips to a cocktail on a sunny beach every time I apply it!

All of the products soak into the lips really well and don't leave this shiny finish which makes them a great all rounder and unisex too. Lip Service and Honey Trap and are also suitable for vegetarians with None Of Your Beeswax suitable for vegans - hooray!

I'd love to try the cinnamon apple balm, It Started With A Kiss, next as it's slightly tinted and sounds yummy!

What are your favourite Lush products? Have you tried any of the lip balms?

Much love,
A x

*These products were sent courtesy of Lush.

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