Friday, April 04, 2014

LUSH Let The Good Times Roll & LUSH Kitchen

My love for LUSH is no secret. So, when I heard that one of their limited edition cleansers was being made permanent I was over the moon! Let The Good Times Roll* is such a wonderful product so I'm chuffed everyone can enjoy it all year round. 

Let The Good Times Roll is a face and body cleanser, although I only use it for my face. It's wonderful for exfoliating and leaves my skin crazy smooth and smelling so damn delicious! It contains maize flour, polenta, corn oil and cinnamon to create the yummiest blend of smells I've ever experienced. I'm much more into these spicier scents from LUSH as opposed to the sweet ones, as I am with my perfumes. One of my favourite things about Let The Good Times Roll is the pieces of popcorn in the product! There aren't any left in my pot now, but tiny pieces of popcorn were in the first half of it which were great for exfoliating - not as harsh on the skin as you may think and just something to make the chore of cleansing a little more fun. Even without the popcorn pieces, the product is really exfoliating. It's not coarse, more like fine grains of sand that feel like you're scrubbing away all the grime from the day.

Did I mention how amazing this smells? The cinnamon and polenta give it a spicy yet earthy smell while the popcorn oil gives it a hint of sweetness that's not too overpowering. I also want to add the greatest thing about LUSH - I can read and understand every single ingredient that's listed on the tub. Something I seriously commend LUSH for. I truly cannot recommend it this enough so if you've not tried it yet - DO IT. Find it online for £6.95 here.

On a side note, I wanted to let you know about LUSH Kitchen! The kitchen opened for business on the 31st March - it's essentially an online service where limited edition, exclusive batches will be made to order fresh on the day. They'll also be sent out to you on that very same day as well to ensure it's a fresh as can be when it arrives on your doorstep. We can find out the backstage goings on of the LUSH Kitchen online as well as live Q&As with LUSH Kitchen chefs! Join in the chatter of #LUSHKitchen and follow them on Twitter, but have a peek on their brand spanking new website and see what's on the menu today!

Have your tried Let The Good Times Roll? And will you be placing an order at the LUSH Kitchen?


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