Friday, April 11, 2014

#NOTW: The Daisy Mani

I'm not one for nail art on regular occasions - the only reason for that is pure laziness. I'm not even going to try and pretend there's any other reason because I actually do like nail art. When it's done well.

The fabulous Nouvelle Daily recently posted about a super pretty daisy mani and I've been working myself up to give it a go for weeks. So, after a gym session and plenty of episodes of The Vampire Diaries to binge on (thanks, Netflix) I got to work on re-creating it for myself.

Turns out, it's pretty easy! Granted, it would have been easier to do my right hand if I'd have had a friend help out - yes, that's the reason I've only photographed my left... - but all in all, not as terrifying as I'd have thought! I started off with a one coat base of OPI's Bubblebath, a milky pink that makes my falsies look a little more natural. I love this alone for days when I'm really not sure what I want to slick on.

Once that had dried I got to work on the art - welcome, a bobby pin. We don't all have dotting tools hanging around so bobby pins come in really useful for things like this. I simply opened one out to give me two ends to use for the white polish and the gold. I started with the petals and used Blanc by Essie - a super simple white polish which I had a crazy affair with in the winter months. White? In winter? Whuuda thunk it?! Simply dip the one end of the bobby pin in the polish and dot it on! Seriously, super simple. Couple of tips, don't overload the pin with polish otherwise it'll get really gloopy and steady your hand by resting your little finger on the finger next to the one your decorating. After that, I went in with the same technique for the centre of the daisies. Barry M's Gold Foil Effect polish was ideal for this. The original is done with a more glittery shade but I just prefer a metallic finish.

Now - WAIT FOR IT TO DRY. I cannot express how important this is, you need to wait for it to dry quite a bit before putting the top coat on otherwise it'll smudge everywhere and ruin all that hard work! Yes, I found this out the hard way. Once it did dry, I layered on my trusty Seche Vite topcoat and - voila! A daisy mani perfect for spring!

Will you be trying this out? Tag me in pics on Twitter or Instagram if you do!


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