Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Body Shop Shower Gels


Shower gels from The Body Shop take me back to my teens - I clearly remember by Auntie being a big fan of The Body Shop fruity goodness, in fact I think she still is, so it takes me back to trips to London in my early years as that's all that was crammed on her bathroom shelves. That and Aveda.

Since developing a mild case of eczema on my legs a good few years ago, I've avoided anything remotely appealing when it comes to shower products and have stuck to good ol' Sanex in a bid to prevent any irritation. However, I thought I'd bite the bullet and try something new in an attempt to actually enjoy showering and leave the bathroom smelling a little bit delicious. I popped into my local Body Shop, not expecting to leave with anything, but a set of these shower gels stood out to me. If I'm going to try a new shower gel, I want it to be as natural as possible and I can pretty much rely on The Body Shop for that. The kit cost £12, saving me £4 as each bottle costs £4 alone - unfortunately, I can't find this online! It must have been packaged in store. Anyway, included in the set is Moringa, a light floral scent, and three super fruity scents - Satsuma, Strawberry and Blueberry. Blueberry was the one that really got me eager to rush home, strip off and jump in the shower to lather up!

These bottles really pack a punch when it comes to fragrance! Although, that's no surprise as The Body Shop do prominent, natural scents really well. I've been using the Blueberry one most days and it really does smell like I'm bathing in a batch of the berry goodness, and not that horrid fake fruit smell - it's much more natural. The other fruity ones will definitely be used up fully too, although I'm unsure on the Moringa - I'm not a massive floral fan when it comes to scents so this may be donated to my Mom or sister (you're welcome). 

But how about the effect on my eczema? Well, it's not got rid of any irritation but it's not made it worse either - plus it's left me smelling like a fruit basket. Perfect. I try to alternate it with the Sanex shower gel so I don't anger my skin too much and it seems to be going ok so far! So if you too suffer with sensitive, dry or eczema prone skin, this could be something to look at for a nice change. Alternatively, if you have any other suggestions for things for me to try - I'd very much appreciate them!

I also signed up for a Love Your Body card from The Body Shop too. I'm completely against store cards - those nasty cards that encourage you to buy more and then you forget to pay it off and get extra charges, no thanks. However, the Love Your Body card isn't like that at all. I've not been asked to tell you about this, I was just pleasantly surprised by the benefits! You pay £5 for an annual card and get the following benefits:

  • 10% off purchases all year
  • £5 off one in-store purchase in the month of your birthday
  • Collect 4 stamps and get a free product worth up to £5
  • Collect 8 stamps and get a free product worth up to £10
  • Invitations to member exclusive events
  • Exclusive offers and savings
  • News on new products and launches
I personally think the 10% of purchases all year is worth it alone! Especially if you regularly use things like skincare products that you re-purchase regularly. You also get regular offers in store as well, for example right now you get 50% off their fruit lip glosses. Find out more about the Love Your Body card here.

What are you favourite products from The Body Shop?


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