Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter at LUSH

I remember when I was younger I'd get stacks and stacks of Easter eggs and never manage to get through them. I'd line them up on my bedroom floor, eating the worst ones first and saving my favourite till last - unfortunately, I never got to the best ones because they'd go out of date. Yep, I'd leave it that long. Nowadays, I have to fight the urge to chow down on that chocolatey goodness because let's be honest, it goes straight to the child-bearing hips. So, when there are alternative sweet ways of celebrating Easter, I'm all for it.

Thankfully, LUSH have got it covered. This year's Easter collection is full of sweet treats, from golden eggs to bunches of carrots, there are tons to choose from. When they guys over at LUSH sent me these beauties, I was fighting the urge to drop them all in a hot bath in one go. Oh how times change.

Fluffy Egg* £2.95
This bath bomb smells incredible. Ok, they all do - but this literally smells like sherbet. The coating resembles the fizzy stuff too and left traces all over my desk post. Pink, fizzy, sweet smelling stuff. This is the only one I've tried so far. It instantly fizzes up in the tub, turning the water a bright candy pink and filled them room like it was a sweet shop. A seriously yummy treat, find it here.

Brightside* £4.50
How psychedelic is this bubble bar?! 70s chic at it's best. Brightside is huge. You're meant to be able to get two baths out of this, I actually think you'd get way more - but I'm not sure how you'd keep the other? Suggestions? Anyway, this smells super fruity. It has tangerine oil and bergamot oil in it that give of an insanely uplifting scent. It's just so fresh! I don't believe this is Easter-specific, so you can get it all year round. Find it here.

Golden Egg* £3.50
And finally, the star of the show. Literally, this stuff is hella sparkly! I'd read other reviews of this bad boy so was super careful when getting it out to photograph. Again, it smells beautiful - similar to Brightside in the sense that it's fairly refreshing yet there's a subtle honey-toffee scent to it as well. Yummy! There's lots of goodness in this lil' egg - olive oil and cocoa butter will leave the skin super soft. When dropped in the tub, the Golden Egg will sink to the bottom as the bath melt outer layer fizzes away followed by the bath bomb centre. A clever little thing - I like. Find it here.

Calorie-free and still a kick of yumminess? Thank you, LUSH. But those chocolate eggs will still end up in my tummy.

Happy Easter!


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  1. clairabelle0306April 18, 2014 2:24 pm

    All the Lush easter things look so cute, I wish I was a bath person, I just prefer a quick shower :)
    xxx Claire