Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Best Of: Soap & Glory

Of you're looking for a luxury feeling body product at an affordable price, Soap & Glory is the one to go to. Everyone, pretty much, knows that by now I think. But I'm surprised to still hear people who've not tried the makeup range - another huge winner for me. So, I thought I'd do a little post on my current top 5 from the brand. I have so many other things I could include, some I've used up so don't have to hand, and other's that just don't fit in a top 5!

Smoothie Star Body Buttercream £10.50
Doesn't that just sound delicious? Yes, yes it does. So good you want to eat it. It also smells ridiculously yummy - seriously, this is one of those smells so good I could eat it products. Described as a lightly whipped cream and packed with 5 oils including vanilla and coconut, the pistachio and almond scent just tops it off beautifully. It's super sweet and smells like a cake, some may think it's quite overpowering but I just cannot get enough of it! Pair it with the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub and you're good to go. Formula wise, it's really thick but the whipping texture means the skin sucks it up easily. My only gripe is I'm not a huge fan of creams in tubs - much prefer tubes or pumps. However, the huge tub means it lasts so long - I'm not sure I'll ever finish this!

The Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser £6.67
Now onto some skincare - I picked up The Ultimelt after hearing Becky raving about it. This, again, smells yummy but is more on the spa-like side. There's essential oils like orange, lavender and rose along with sweet almond and cocoa seed butter oils to literally melt your makeup away. It comes with a cloth so I like to rub this into my skin, massaging gently over my lashes, then leave it on for a minute before wiping away with the hot damp cloth. I love using this on days when I'm not wearing as much makeup, it doesn't budge tough mascara too well, but it leaves my skin super soft and thoroughly cleansed. 

Kick Ass Pressed Powder £12.00
Finally, we're at the really good stuff - the makeup! Yes, the makeup stuff is more expensive but it really is pretty brilliant. This powder is bloomin' brilliant. It's translucent but does have a slight yellow tint to it meaning it'll counteract any redness whilst still doing it's job of mattifying the skin. I really love this stuff and I'm gutted I've ran out, I kept it because I love that it has a mirror in the compact - useful for up close makeup application. My skin is left perfectly mattified all day, seriously the stuff I'm using now is useless in comparison, and it seems impossible to over do it - at no point did I ever look cakey. Ok, writing this has made me realise I need this in my life. As do you.

Glow All Out Highlighter £11.00
This is described as a luminising face powder but there is no way I'd use this all over my face - using this as a highlighter however is ideal for every day. It's not too shimmery and because it's so finely milled, it blends seamlessly into the skin. It's not my favourite highlighter in my stash but I still highly rate it because I think it'd suit most skin tones. It's not too pink nor too peach, although it looks pink in the pan, it sits right in the middle. If you like powder highlighter's definitely give this a swatch in store, it's well worth the money - the size of it is crazy and I don't think I've even wore down the embossing on it yet.

Hocus Focus Flaw-Softening Illuminator £11.00
The latest addition to my S&G stash - Hocus Focus is my go to primer at the moment. It's the perfect product for a boost of radiance to lack-lustre skin, not shimmery or glittery, just a beautiful glow. I love wearing this under my foundation, or mixing it in, for an overall boost. It can be used as a highlighter too or mix it with moisturiser for no-makeup days. It reminds me of the L'Oreal Lumi Magique primer - something I have used over and over - but leans a little warmer which is ideal not the summer weather is making an appearance. I'm really enjoying using it and I think it's moving higher and higher up my list!

Other Soap & Glory products worth looking at are the Sugar Crush Scrub, Kick Ass Concealer, Hand Maid Sanitising Gel, Archery Brow Pencil and Glow Getter Fake Tan Spray - all tried and tested! There's tons on my list to try though as well... mainly from the new Make Yourself Youthful range - the Super Serum, CC Superfluid and Sunshield Superfluid all sound awesome (and the packaging is beautiful) and the Beauty Sleep Accelerator sounds interesting too. Sensing a skincare trend here? Yep. Oh, and I'm also trialling The Fab Pore Facial Mask & Peel at the moment too - stay tuned.

What are you favourite Soap & Glory products?

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