Monday, April 21, 2014

An Ode to Bronze Goddess

So, is it possible to have a genuine love for a product? And not just any product, a perfume? I've spoke before of my love for Estee Lauder perfumes, Modern Muse being the most recent, but it's Bronze Goddess that steals the crown - and my heart - every single time. I have lots of perfumes but this baby is something special. It instantly takes me to holidays with my girls filled with cocktails, tanning and Frank Ocean's Channel Orange. The coconut, mandarin, vanilla and amber goodness is simply incredible and conveniently bottled and ready to whip out whenever I feel like it. (i.e. every day).

I have a tendency to be over zealous with this but I really don't give a hoot - I just love it so much, I'm not sure I can express my love for it in any more words. After spending the week drooling over posts from the likes of Lily, Emma and Laura about the 2014 Bronze Goddess collection, my adoration for it has grown even more. I believe it hits shelves May 1st so I'll be stocking up on this beauty no end! 10 days and counting...

Not only will I be slipping one or two (re: three) of these in my basket, the rest of the collection looks equally as beautiful. There's a stunning eye shadow palette, a liquid bronzer and a beautiful nude polish that have all caught my eye. Jeez, I cannot wait for this collection - it blows any other spring release, so far, out the water.

Ahh, excuse me while I douse myself in Bronze Goddess and put Sweet Life on repeat...


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