Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stellar for Spring

Although I am going to be embracing the more pastel shades this spring, I can't quite let go of a red lip from season to season. I've realised there's no need to drop the red lips completely though, it's just about altering them to something more spring appropriate.

Recently, I've fell back in love with the Rimmel Apocalips range. I raved about these back in September but they got lost at the back of my makeup drawers until recently. When everyone else picked up Big Bang, Stellar was the one that caught my eye. It's more of a pink-based red but although it looks fairly pink in the tube, on the lips it translates into more of a red finish. However, it's not a typical red - the pink undertones still run through it, making it a little like a coral-red which brightens my complexion and makes it a little softer for the warmer weather. 

As with all Apocalips, it lasts for a bloomin' long time. When I took this snap, I'd gone through half an Easter egg, a full roast dinner (yes, in that order) and a scrummy rhubarb crumble - look at that finish! They feel beautifully creamy on the lips and wear down to a stain as the hours go on, no awkward wear. These are a real stand out product from Rimmel - who have celebrated 180 years in the past week! How awesome? Almost two centuries of the London look!

What are you reaching for this spring?



  1. I tried to like these but couldn't :( It looks great on you but these lip lacquers always look really patchy on me. Tried the new Bourjois velvet edition ones yesterday - so much easier to use! x

  2. Hi Bee! That's such a shame, maybe building up the colour with light layers? And always prep your lips :) I've just got my hands on the Bourjois ones, too! Currently trying them out but really liking them. Will review soon! x